descriptionSitka Tools
ownerSITKA Team <>
last changeThu, 29 Sep 2022 22:51:32 +0000 (15:51 -0700)
5 days ago Jeff Davisupdate install scripts to use updated config master... master
5 days ago Jeff update EG branch to 3.9.1-ish
5 days ago Jeff DavisEG install updates for EG 3.9
2022-07-10 Mark Bucholtzadd bghq ebsco export script
2022-06-17 Jeff Davisgrabbing some uncommitted changes to BVIC Outlook expor...
2022-06-17 Tinaexcl bghq, add bwuca
2022-05-09 Jeff Davistypofix on installing Bootstrap dependencies
2021-12-03 Jeff Davisupdate PG host in MARC export scripts
2021-12-02 Jeff Davisstop sending unnecessary emails about UCN EBSCO exports
2021-09-21 Jeff new ERI order pusher needs to be explici...
2021-05-20 Jeff fix typo in NFS setup
2021-05-20 Jeff update prod /etc/hosts during install
2021-05-20 Jeff Davisenable smart deploy to Bootstrap OPAC
2021-05-20 Jeff use -b to skip building web client and...
2021-05-20 Jeff DavisUpdate Perl install dir for Ubuntu 20.04
2021-05-20 Jeff update Python package install for paper...
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2 months ago eg39
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21 months ago eg352ish
2 years ago eg35-xenial-final
2 years ago eg35
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3 years ago eg317-final
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