2017-01-24 Jeff DavisUpdate MARC export process for Outlook, per RT#42708
2016-12-14 Jeff DavisUpdate sender address in MARC export wrapper scripts
2016-12-14 Jeff DavisUpdate sender/cc address on MARC export emails
2016-12-13 twirlipExclude non-postsec org units, per RT 42708
2016-10-04 Jeff DavisAdd Outlook export rules for BCDNL, per RT#39815.
2016-08-31 Jeff do non-verbose output properly
2016-08-10 Jeff add maint-message banner to non-prod...
2016-08-10 Jeff Davisoptionally include records with 856's in MARC export
2016-08-08 Jeff SSL setup
2016-08-08 Jeff fix setup of non-prod Apache includes
2016-06-29 Jeff action trigger filters
2016-06-13 Jeff Davisupdate db host in MARC export scripts
2016-05-30 Jeff Davisuse master branch again for osrf/eg install
2016-05-25 Jeff use new prod branch for EG install
2016-05-22 Jeff be less fancy with config template files eg210
2016-05-22 Jeff handle permission assignment better...
2016-05-22 Jeff fix typo
2016-05-19 Jeff stamp ID aliases
2016-05-19 Jeff Davisfile perms in install scripts
2016-05-19 Jeff handle prod opensrf config files
2016-05-19 Jeff hostname of current server
2016-05-18 Jeff do not replace existing conf files if...
2016-05-18 Jeff avoid appending useless entries to...
2016-05-18 Jeff production vs nonprod install
2016-05-18 Jeff insert hostname in ejabberd.cfg if...
2016-05-18 Jeff specify hostname in apache2.conf where...
2016-05-11 Jeff Davisoverdrive-eg-opac: fix account summary per RT#39272
2016-05-10 Jeff Davisoverdrive-eg-opac: Change button label from "editHold...
2016-05-09 Jeff Davisoverdrive-eg-opac: Fix JS error on 2.10
2016-05-04 Jeff update for 2.10 upgrade phase 3 (EG...
2016-04-01 Jeff DavisMerge branch 'master' into eg210
2016-04-01 Jeff Davisoverdrive-eg-opac: update od_api.js with latest bugfixes
2016-03-31 Jeff Use canonical 2.10 upgrade branch
2016-03-31 Jeff move to EG 2.10.1
2016-03-30 Jeff a script to generate SQL for an existing...
2016-03-04 Jeff DavisEG install scripts: use sysadmin.git 2.10 branch
2016-03-04 Jeff version and branch updates for EG 2.10
2016-03-01 Jeff optionally install default crontab
2016-02-11 Jeff Davisenable default vhost on non-prod EG servers
2016-02-11 Jeff DavisBetter handling of non-prod Apache config; smarter...
2015-12-22 Jeff on non-prod installs, update splash...
2015-12-07 Jeff Davisexclude Saanich from Outlook exports
2015-12-07 Jeff Davisage-circs.sql: do not attempt to create tables if they...
2015-12-07 Jeff Davisage-circs.sql: age_circ_test returns boolean now
2015-12-07 Jeff Davisage-circs.sql: for clarity, age_circ_test function...
2015-12-04 Jeff Davisage-circs.sql: move circ exception testing to separate...
2015-12-04 Jeff Davisage-circs.sql: bugfixes
2015-11-13 Liam Whalen[RT35749] Udated CRANBROOKJ to PERIODICALS
2015-11-02 Liam Whalen[RT17143] Clean up of 0011 date1
2015-10-28 Liam Whalen[RT17143] Fixed pubdate scrub and authtoken error user/lwhalen/RT17143_Date1_Cleanup
2015-10-27 Liam Whalen[RT17143] Added bogus date values for bad data
2015-10-27 Liam Whalen[RT17143] Tighted up regex
2015-10-27 Liam Whalen[RT17143] Restriced selection of fixable MARC records
2015-10-27 Liam Whalen[RT17143] Fixed create_date parsing
2015-09-30 Liam Whalen[RT17143] Added 008 date entered and date type cleanup
2015-09-30 Liam Whalen[RT17143] Editing of date1 complete
2015-09-30 Liam Whalen[RT17143] Retrieving relevant record ids
2015-09-30 Liam Whalen[RT17143] Syntax errors fixed
2015-09-30 Liam Whalen[RT17143] First go at date1 cleanup settings
2015-09-25 Jeff be smarter about file ownership etc...
2015-09-25 Jeff install custom dojo build from upstream
2015-09-15 Jeff DavisEG install scripts: nonprod-28 -> nonprod
2015-07-24 Jeff install mobile PAC
2015-07-24 Liam WhalenRevert "Added file to create ejabberd passwords"
2015-07-21 Liam WhalenAdded file to create ejabberd passwords
2015-07-21 Liam WhalenSilence websockets install echo
2015-07-18 Robin H. JohnsonMissing one dir arg.
2015-07-18 Robin H. JohnsonRefactor export scripts and take my email address off...
2015-07-16 Jeff specify PATH on configure
2015-07-15 Jeff Davissome paper overdues require unifont pkg
2015-07-15 Jeff is required by generate_c...
2015-07-15 Jeff Daviscorrect hostname for BibC server
2015-07-13 Liam WhalenModified list of production servers to 2.8 EG version
2015-07-12 Jeff DavisEG install scripts: production branches
2015-07-12 Jeff support scripts setup: EDI, generate_cir... eg28
2015-07-10 Jeff loop through skin dirs; create skin...
2015-07-09 Jeff skin folders should be sitkastaff-owned...
2015-07-09 Jeff tweaks to deletepatron, skin folders...
2015-07-09 Jeff use correct name for config repo
2015-07-09 Jeff deploy compiled JS for overdrive-eg...
2015-07-09 Jeff Davisoverdrive-eg-opac: initial commit of compiled JS
2015-07-08 Jeff do not set up local log rotation on...
2015-07-08 Jeff allow variance in production vs non...
2015-07-06 Jeff use final upgrade branch
2015-06-24 Jeff Davisx
2015-06-24 Jeff more tweaks
2015-06-24 Jeff ensure EG bin path is in $PATH for...
2015-06-24 Jeff DavisEG install scripts: typo fix
2015-06-24 Jeff DavisEG install scripts: more tweaks
2015-06-23 Jeff DavisEG install scripts: drop -l argument from su to preserv...
2015-06-23 Jeff be smarter about adding opensrf bin...
2015-06-23 Jeff DavisEG install scripts: specify git branch for sysadmin.git
2015-06-23 Jeff do not install web client stuff by...
2015-06-22 Jeff Use latest upgrade branch; specify EG...
2015-06-16 Jeff offline blocked patron list
2015-06-16 Jeff DavisMerge branch 'master' into eg28
2015-06-16 Jeff Daviswrapper script for generating offline blocked patron...
2015-06-03 Jeff Davisfix 404 and 500 errors with XUL locale stuff
2015-05-15 Jeff we are installing 2.8.1, so stamp IDs...
2015-05-13 Jeff update to latest EG upgrade branch