2014-08-12 Mark Bucholtzadd marc export scripts for cotr
2014-08-02 Robin H. JohnsonPostfix sendmail binary needs an extra option.
2014-08-02 Robin H. JohnsonFix syntax.
2014-08-02 Robin H. JohnsonMore PerlOPT.
2014-08-02 Robin H. JohnsonDocument scripts better, and squelch output.
2014-08-02 Robin H. JohnsonFix grep fail.
2014-08-02 Robin H. JohnsonMake it possible to get a quiet perl.
2014-07-29 Jeff strip newline from hash-file...
2014-07-29 Jeff fix command-line options for...
2014-07-20 Liam WhalenFetch from the REMOTE
2014-07-20 Liam WhalenCreate relative paths for local file storage
2014-07-16 Jeff DavisMerge branch 'eg26'
2014-07-16 Jeff DavisRT21793: BTR outlook profile - exclude On Order records
2014-06-27 Jeff it is important to correctly copy... eg26
2014-06-25 Jeff update for EG2.6
2014-06-23 Jeff DavisDeploy latest EG branch (upgrade/eg26/rc1-tpac)
2014-06-06 Jeff hack to use already-localized fm_IDL...
2014-06-06 Jeff install Sitka's version of 2.6.1 from git
2014-06-06 Jeff DavisRevert "update to install EG 2.6 beta1...
2014-05-21 Jeff fix incorrect test for whether files...
2014-04-09 Robin H. JohnsonDrop BKCT in config
2014-03-04 Jeff fix incorrect test for whether files...
2014-02-27 Jeff Davisupdate to install EG 2.6 beta1 from tarball
2014-02-27 Jeff Davisupdate to install OSRF 2.3 from git...
2014-02-21 Robin H. JohnsonRT18577: BCRE outlook profile.
2014-02-20 Jeff Davistweaks to
2014-01-28 Liam Whalen(sitka) [RT18017] Fixed sync using local instead of...
2014-01-14 Jeff added sip2 to list of production servers
2014-01-08 Liam WhalenFixed hashref error
2013-12-17 Liam Whalen[RT18107] Added bibc-prod_pathmap.ini
2013-12-16 Liam Whalen[RT18107] clean up
2013-12-16 Liam Whalen[RT18107] A number of modifications
2013-12-13 Liam Whalen[rt18107] added better filtering of production servers
2013-12-13 Liam Whalen[rt18107] added branch syncing
2013-12-13 Liam Whalen[rt18107] Deploy from git
2013-12-13 Liam Whalen[rt18107] Cleaned up
2013-12-13 Liam Whalen[rt18107] Extracted the pathmap functionality from...
2013-12-05 Jeff DavisCheck that deployed EG code matches the code in git.
2013-12-02 Robin H. JohnsonImprove error checking before export actually triggers...
2013-11-28 Steven ChanAdd more patch points to patching tool
2013-10-11 Jeff log rotation
2013-09-26 Jeff Davisadding export scripts for MWPL
2013-09-18 Robin H. JohnsonImprove strings.
2013-09-17 Robin H. JohnsonFinal code for MUCN EBSCO upload.
2013-09-17 Robin H. JohnsonClarify Outlook vs UCN EBSCO scripts.
2013-09-17 Robin H. JohnsonUpdate Outlook email notification addresses per Mari...
2013-09-04 Robin H. JohnsonAnita replaces Heather, added Bob.
2013-08-23 Jeff only install a few locales; create offli...
2013-07-31 Jeff a few minor improvements
2013-07-30 Robin H. Johnson[RT16904] Exclude BMB-LS reading room books from Outloo...
2013-07-24 Jeff Davisupdated install scripts for production 2.4 environment
2013-06-26 Jeff eg.conf is renamed to 000-evergreen...
2013-06-26 Jeff fix bug with -u option
2013-06-25 Robin H. JohnsonAdd quiet make rules.
2013-06-25 Robin H. JohnsonApply new quiet flag.
2013-06-25 Robin H. JohnsonAlso squelch the Retrieving messages.
2013-06-25 Robin H. JohnsonAdd ability to make it run quietly to reduce mail size.
2013-06-20 Jeff setup offline circ
2013-06-20 Jeff DavisFurther updates to install scripts for EG 2.4.0 and...
2013-06-20 Jeff DavisUpdate install scripts for EG 2.4.0 and OpenSRF 2.2.0
2013-06-19 Jeff show user and password in output
2013-05-28 Jeff add option to auto-detect destination...
2013-04-18 Robin H. Johnsoncircmod renaming: ill-no-renew -> ill-no-renewal.
2013-04-17 Robin H. JohnsonFix order of precedence.
2013-04-04 Robin H. JohnsonRemoving BGIC, BMIS, BSI from Outlook per BCGov
2013-04-04 Robin H. JohnsonSince MWP was moved to the GOVLIBS orgunit parent,...
2013-04-04 Robin H. JohnsonAnne Morgan has been replaced by Martin Mari.
2013-03-28 kreedadding new flag for for easy deploy to...
2013-02-12 Robin H. JohnsonImplement NVIT export settings.
2013-02-05 Jeff Davisdeployment: updated install scripts to EG 2.2.5 and...
2013-01-02 Jeff Davisdeployment: use apt to install Perl modules required...
2012-12-04 Steven ChanApply or unapply a patch to remote Evergreen hosts
2012-12-03 Robin H. JohnsonUpdate email text.
2012-12-03 Robin H. JohnsonError checking and paths.
2012-11-20 James Fournieadding indb reindexing tool
2012-11-04 Robin H. JohnsonFix email run part.
2012-11-04 Robin H. JohnsonExclude SITKA Springfield.
2012-11-04 Robin H. JohnsonEnsure dir always works absolutely.
2012-11-04 Robin H. JohnsonLets see if we can make this better for outlook.
2012-11-04 Robin H. JohnsonWhitespace.
2012-11-04 Robin H. JohnsonTemplate help.
2012-10-24 Jeff Davisdeployment: include /etc/apache2/envvars in EG install
2012-09-26 Jeff Davisdeployment: add staff client start page
2012-09-26 Jeff Davisdeployment: fix to deploy bclibraries skin correctly
2012-09-26 Jeff Davisdeployment: fix ejabberd setup
2012-09-26 Jeff Davisdeployment: require manually-supplied ejabberd password...
2012-09-25 Jeff Davisadded automated deployment tools
2012-08-16 Robin H. JohnsonMore export tools by James I think.
2012-08-16 Robin H. Johnsonnew stat tool.
2012-08-16 Robin H. JohnsonFix hostname.
2012-08-16 Robin H. JohnsonUpdate inclusion rules.
2012-05-21 James Fournieisolating the existence of the non multi-session into...
2012-05-18 James Fournieimproved BSLW script with the final requirements
2012-05-18 James Fournieadding experimental MultiSession marc_export_custom
2012-05-04 James FournieMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh://git.sitka.bclibrarie...
2012-05-04 James FournieScript for loading a master set of records from BSLW...
2012-04-16 Robin H. JohnsonAdd placeholders for NVIT.
2012-03-30 James Fournieadd parallel script for BSLW (no holdings, with separat...
2012-03-30 James FournieAlas, not everyone wants Overdrive so let's do things...
2012-03-06 James Fourniefinal updates