avoid log spew on cstore max_children
[sitka/sitka-tools.git] / marc_export_custom /
2020-02-04 Jeff DavisExclude BVAUCW from all MARC exports
2020-02-04 Mark Bucholtzadd BVAVCC Outlook settings
2019-07-11 Jeff DavisMerge branch 'master' into eg33
2019-07-10 Jeff DavisMARC export config for BCS (RT 62007) and BVIC (RT... eg317-final
2019-06-03 Jeff Davisuse dedicated partition for MARC exports
2018-11-08 twirlipclean up old MARC exports after a successful run
2018-10-30 Jeff DavisAdd BDC to Outlook exports per RT#57196 (and fix name...
2018-04-12 Jeff DavisMerge branch 'master' into eg310
2018-02-22 Jeff DavisUpdate BGSI Outlook export config, per RT#52134
2017-12-08 Jeff DavisFix shelving locations for BT, per RT#48111
2017-10-13 Jeff DavisExclude "Adult New Books Shelf" from BT MARC exports...
2017-10-02 Jeff DavisRemove Libraries Branch email from Outlook exports...
2017-08-15 Jeff DavisAdd Outlook export config for BT, per RT#48111
2017-06-02 Jeff DavisPrevent "cannot move split to a subdirectory of itself...
2017-01-24 Jeff DavisUpdate MARC export process for Outlook, per RT#42708
2016-12-14 Jeff DavisUpdate sender address in MARC export wrapper scripts
2016-12-14 Jeff DavisUpdate sender/cc address on MARC export emails
2016-12-13 twirlipExclude non-postsec org units, per RT 42708
2016-10-04 Jeff DavisAdd Outlook export rules for BCDNL, per RT#39815.
2016-08-10 Jeff Davisoptionally include records with 856's in MARC export
2016-06-13 Jeff Davisupdate db host in MARC export scripts
2015-12-07 Jeff Davisexclude Saanich from Outlook exports
2015-11-13 Liam Whalen[RT35749] Udated CRANBROOKJ to PERIODICALS
2015-07-18 Robin H. JohnsonMissing one dir arg.
2015-07-18 Robin H. JohnsonRefactor export scripts and take my email address off...
2015-06-16 Jeff DavisMerge branch 'master' into eg28
2015-05-01 Robin H. JohnsonUpdate EBSCO export per email from jcarmody@EBSCO.COM...
2015-05-01 Robin H. JohnsonAdd jessica to ebsco output.
2015-05-01 Robin H. JohnsonOnly delete if DELETE != 0.
2014-08-13 Mark Bucholtzupdate cotr marc export ini and runscript files
2014-08-12 Robin H. JohnsonImplement control over which 852 4b value is used for...
2014-08-12 Mark Bucholtzuse marc_export_custom in cotr runscript
2014-08-12 Mark BucholtzMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh://git.sitka.bclibrarie...
2014-08-12 Mark Bucholtzuse in cotr runscript
2014-08-12 Robin H. JohnsonApply patch from c6520c9179834915910d8c294b3078b3f5114e...
2014-08-12 Robin H. JohnsonApply patch from 0cb635749fd8aca004879850b2b9f456e9921b...
2014-08-12 Robin H. JohnsonApply patch dd134fdd181664e285e935371c92e03c9a2c065b...
2014-08-12 Mark Bucholtzadd marc export scripts for cotr
2014-08-02 Robin H. JohnsonPostfix sendmail binary needs an extra option.
2014-08-02 Robin H. JohnsonFix syntax.
2014-08-02 Robin H. JohnsonMore PerlOPT.
2014-08-02 Robin H. JohnsonDocument scripts better, and squelch output.
2014-08-02 Robin H. JohnsonFix grep fail.
2014-08-02 Robin H. JohnsonMake it possible to get a quiet perl.
2014-07-16 Jeff DavisMerge branch 'eg26'
2014-07-16 Jeff DavisRT21793: BTR outlook profile - exclude On Order records
2014-04-09 Robin H. JohnsonDrop BKCT in config
2014-02-21 Robin H. JohnsonRT18577: BCRE outlook profile.
2013-12-02 Robin H. JohnsonImprove error checking before export actually triggers...
2013-09-26 Jeff Davisadding export scripts for MWPL
2013-09-18 Robin H. JohnsonImprove strings.
2013-09-17 Robin H. JohnsonFinal code for MUCN EBSCO upload.
2013-09-17 Robin H. JohnsonClarify Outlook vs UCN EBSCO scripts.
2013-09-17 Robin H. JohnsonUpdate Outlook email notification addresses per Mari...
2013-09-04 Robin H. JohnsonAnita replaces Heather, added Bob.
2013-07-30 Robin H. Johnson[RT16904] Exclude BMB-LS reading room books from Outloo...
2013-06-25 Robin H. JohnsonAdd quiet make rules.
2013-06-25 Robin H. JohnsonApply new quiet flag.
2013-06-25 Robin H. JohnsonAlso squelch the Retrieving messages.
2013-06-25 Robin H. JohnsonAdd ability to make it run quietly to reduce mail size.
2013-04-18 Robin H. Johnsoncircmod renaming: ill-no-renew -> ill-no-renewal.
2013-04-17 Robin H. JohnsonFix order of precedence.
2013-04-04 Robin H. JohnsonRemoving BGIC, BMIS, BSI from Outlook per BCGov
2013-04-04 Robin H. JohnsonSince MWP was moved to the GOVLIBS orgunit parent,...
2013-04-04 Robin H. JohnsonAnne Morgan has been replaced by Martin Mari.
2013-02-12 Robin H. JohnsonImplement NVIT export settings.
2012-12-03 Robin H. JohnsonUpdate email text.
2012-12-03 Robin H. JohnsonError checking and paths.
2012-11-04 Robin H. JohnsonFix email run part.
2012-11-04 Robin H. JohnsonExclude SITKA Springfield.
2012-11-04 Robin H. JohnsonEnsure dir always works absolutely.
2012-11-04 Robin H. JohnsonLets see if we can make this better for outlook.
2012-11-04 Robin H. JohnsonWhitespace.
2012-11-04 Robin H. JohnsonTemplate help.
2012-08-16 Robin H. JohnsonMore export tools by James I think.
2012-08-16 Robin H. Johnsonnew stat tool.
2012-08-16 Robin H. JohnsonFix hostname.
2012-08-16 Robin H. JohnsonUpdate inclusion rules.
2012-05-21 James Fournieisolating the existence of the non multi-session into...
2012-05-18 James Fournieimproved BSLW script with the final requirements
2012-05-18 James Fournieadding experimental MultiSession marc_export_custom
2012-05-04 James FournieMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh://git.sitka.bclibrarie...
2012-04-16 Robin H. JohnsonAdd placeholders for NVIT.
2012-03-30 James Fournieadd parallel script for BSLW (no holdings, with separat...
2012-02-29 Robin H. JohnsonRage on bad Perl.
2012-02-29 Robin H. JohnsonMy kingdom for people that write sane perl where -...
2012-02-29 Robin H. JohnsonAlso skip deleted bibs and deleted call numbers.
2012-02-29 Robin H. JohnsonWe should NOT have deleted copies in the export.
2012-02-23 James FournieMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh://git.sitka.bclibrarie...
2012-02-23 Robin H. JohnsonScript to fetch all shortcodes to CSV file.
2012-02-23 Robin H. JohnsonRemove last notes.
2012-02-23 Robin H. JohnsonScripts to help with template email and upload.
2012-02-18 Robin H. JohnsonOnly export materials with holdings for outlook.
2012-02-18 Robin H. JohnsonDisable SPRUCE.
2011-11-14 James FournieMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh://git.sitka.bclibrarie...
2011-10-31 James Fournieadding some help
2011-10-31 James Fourniemake this into a new setting --onlyholdings which only...
2011-10-31 Robin H. JohnsonCleanup defined.
2011-10-31 Robin H. JohnsonTry to only export items with matching holding.
2011-10-31 Robin H. JohnsonFix whitespace.