[rt18107] Cleaned up access_pathmap.pl
[sitka/sitka-tools.git] / deployment / install-eg.sh
2013-12-05 Jeff DavisCheck that deployed EG code matches the code in git.
2013-10-11 Jeff Davisinstall-eg.sh: log rotation
2013-08-23 Jeff Davisinstall-eg.sh: only install a few locales; create offli...
2013-07-31 Jeff Davisinstall-eg.sh: a few minor improvements
2013-07-24 Jeff Davisupdated install scripts for production 2.4 environment
2013-06-26 Jeff Davisinstall-eg.sh: eg.conf is renamed to 000-evergreen...
2013-06-20 Jeff Davisinstall-eg.sh: setup offline circ
2013-06-20 Jeff DavisFurther updates to install scripts for EG 2.4.0 and...
2013-06-20 Jeff DavisUpdate install scripts for EG 2.4.0 and OpenSRF 2.2.0
2013-02-05 Jeff Davisdeployment: updated install scripts to EG 2.2.5 and...
2013-01-02 Jeff Davisdeployment: use apt to install Perl modules required...
2012-10-24 Jeff Davisdeployment: include /etc/apache2/envvars in EG install
2012-09-26 Jeff Davisdeployment: add staff client start page
2012-09-26 Jeff Davisdeployment: fix to deploy bclibraries skin correctly
2012-09-25 Jeff Davisadded automated deployment tools