use strict;
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2013-07-30 Jeff Godinuse strict;
2013-07-30 Jeff GodinFix nonexistent variables in ItemReceivedResponse
2013-07-30 Jeff GodinFix ref. to nonexistent $visid, clarify terms
2013-07-30 Jeff GodinAvoid referencing nonexistent AgencyId vars
2013-07-30 Jeff GodinRemove duplicate request detection
2013-03-25 Hekman Library Tec... Merge pull request #3 from Dyrcona/last_post
2013-03-21 Jason StephensonA little defensive coding around last_post.txt.
2013-03-12 Dan WellsMore customization markers, and general cleanup
2013-03-12 Dan WellsRemove force-to-available code from check_in_item
2013-03-12 Dan WellsClarify item_request(), add missing $U
2013-03-12 Dan WellsUpdate and fix place_simple_hold()
2013-03-12 Dan WellsComment out incomplete, unused subs
2013-03-11 Dan WellsWhitespace revision, take II
2013-03-11 Jon Scottcleaning up service detection block by way of including...
2013-03-11 Jon Scottattempt to clean up whitespace and get standardized...
2013-03-11 Jon Scottadded comments for removing local customizations /...
2012-09-11 Jon Scottlatest version
2012-05-11 Jon Scottwanted the ncip ItemRenewed to be able to override...
2012-05-11 Jon ScottStanding Penalties Added - Want to return blocking...
2012-04-26 Jon ScottUpdate iNCIPit.cgi
2012-04-25 Jon Scottfirst commit