2015-07-06 Christine Burnsupdate screenshots
2015-07-06 Christine Burnsupdated screenshots
2015-07-06 Christine BurnsSigned-off-by: Christine Burns <christine.burns@bc...
2015-07-01 Christine BurnsSigned-off-by: Christine Burns <christine.burns@bc...
2015-07-01 Christine BurnsSigned-off-by: Christine Burns <christine.burns@bc...
2015-07-01 Christine Burnsupdate exchange rate information to include update...
2015-07-01 Christine BurnsSigned-off-by: Christine Burns <christine.burns@bc...
2015-06-30 Christine Burnsupdating screenshots
2015-06-30 Christine Burnsadding more screenshots
2015-06-30 Christine Burnsfixing size of screenshots
2015-06-30 Christine Burnsadd border & shadow to all new images
2015-06-30 Christine Burnsreplacing screenshots with new acq menu location
2015-06-30 Christine BurnsSigned-off-by: Christine Burns <christine.burns@bc...
2015-03-26 Jennifer PringleFurther minor revisions to Fiscal Year Close-Out Operat... sitka_2_6
2015-03-26 Jennifer PringleMinor revision to Fiscal Year Close-Out Operation ...
2015-03-26 Jennifer PringleProcedure added to Year End chapter for Fiscal Year...
2015-01-16 Jennifer PringleUpdated last updated date in root.
2015-01-16 Jennifer PringleAdjustment to xml coding for year end list.
2015-01-15 Christinefixing list
2015-01-15 Christineadding punctuation
2015-01-14 ChristineAdding year end instructions
2015-01-14 ChristineAdd Caution - no slash / backslash or spaces in the...
2015-01-14 ChristineAdd recommendation for libraries to create new funding...
2015-01-14 ChristineAdding Instructions to search for pending PO
2015-01-14 ChristineAdding new Invoice Item Type - PST (No Prorate) (f)
2015-01-14 Robin H. JohnsonRevert "Merge branch 'Acq26'"
2015-01-12 ChristineMerge branch 'Acq26'
2015-01-12 ChristineAdding new Invoice Item Type - PST (No Prorate) (f)
2015-01-07 Jennifer PringleNote updated in Update Funds to reflect new behaviour...
2015-01-05 Jennifer PringleUpdated date on root.
2014-12-30 Jennifer PringleUpdates to Fiscal Year End chapter.
2014-06-30 Jennifer PringleDate updated in root.
2014-06-30 Jennifer PringleMinor revisions and new screenshot added to Line Items...
2014-06-26 Jennifer PringleNote added about Overlay functionality. Typos corrected.
2014-06-26 Jennifer PringleMerge branch 'sitka_2_6' of git+ssh://git@git.sitka...
2014-06-26 Jennifer PringleRecord Source information updated.
2014-06-26 Christine BurnsFix typo
2014-06-26 Christine Burnschange section title
2014-06-26 Christine Burnsfixing link
2014-06-26 Christine Burnsadding section for Auto-Overlay In Process Acquisitions...
2014-06-26 Christine Burnsadding screenshot
2014-06-26 Christine BurnsSigned-off-by: Christine Burns <christine.burns@bc...
2014-06-24 Christine BurnsMerge branch 'sitka_2_6' of git+ssh://git@git.sitka...
2014-06-24 Christine BurnsAdding screenshot
2014-06-24 Jennifer PringleFurther revisions to Workflow: Selection by Loading...
2014-06-24 Jennifer PringleNew better quality Sitka logo.
2014-06-24 Jennifer PringleRevisions Workflow: Selection by Loading MARC Order...
2014-06-20 Christine Burnsminor edit
2014-06-20 Christine BurnsAdding screenshots
2014-06-20 Christine Burnsupdating screenshots
2014-06-20 Christine BurnsAdd section for "Activate PO without loading Items"
2014-06-20 Christine Burnsadding screenshots
2014-06-18 Christine Burnsminor edit
2014-06-18 Christine BurnsUpdating Screenshots
2014-06-18 Christine BurnsUpdating Screenshots
2014-06-16 Christine BurnsAdding Screenshot
2014-06-16 Christine BurnsMerge branch 'sitka_2_6' of git+ssh://git@git.sitka...
2014-06-16 Christine BurnsMerge branch 'sitka_2_6' into Acq26
2014-06-16 Christine BurnsSigned-off-by: Christine Burns <christine.burns@bc...
2014-06-13 Christine BurnsSigned-off-by: Christine Burns <christine.burns@bc...
2014-06-06 Jennifer PringleMinor revision to EDI section.
2014-06-06 Jennifer PringleEDI set up screenshots added to instructions.
2014-06-06 Jennifer PringleEDI Account Set Up screenshots.
2014-06-04 Christine BurnsStep #5 - Change 2.4 to 2.6
2014-05-13 Jennifer PringlePlaceholders for 2.6 new features created.
2014-05-13 Jennifer PringleUpdated root to 2.6.
2014-04-03 Jennifer PringleMinor revisions to EDI section. sitka_2_4
2014-04-03 Jennifer PringlePurchase Order charge instructions removed.
2014-04-03 Jennifer PringleInformation on SANs (Standard Address Numbers) added...
2014-02-26 Jennifer PringleXML error fixed.
2014-02-26 Jennifer PringleEDI section updated for 2.4.
2014-02-26 Jennifer PringleEDI section added.
2013-12-19 Jennifer PringleMinor update to Year End Propagation section.
2013-07-16 Jennifer PringleAdditional screenshots updated to reflect change to...
2013-07-16 Jennifer PringleScreenshots updated to reflect change to Order Identifi...
2013-06-29 Jennifer PringleMinor typo corrections to New Features chapter.
2013-06-29 Jennifer PringleMinor typo corrections to New Features chapter.
2013-06-29 Jennifer PringleMinor typo corrections to Selection Lists chapter.
2013-06-29 Jennifer PringleMinor typo corrections to Line Items chapter.
2013-06-29 Jennifer PringleMinor typo corrections to Add Records chapter.
2013-06-29 Jennifer PringleMinor updates to identifier selector screenshots post...
2013-06-29 Jennifer PringleUpdated Invoicing screenshots.
2013-06-29 Jennifer PringleOrder Identifier Selector section updated to reflect...
2013-06-29 Jennifer PringleUpdates to Invoice chapter including new View Invoice...
2013-06-28 Jennifer PringleUpdated Invoice chapter to remove instructions using...
2013-06-28 Jennifer PringleMinor update to Workflow chapter.
2013-06-28 Jennifer PringleMinor update to Claiming chapter.
2013-06-28 Jennifer PringleSection names updated to resolve xml issue.
2013-06-28 Jennifer PringleSingle Line Item invoice linking removed as it is repla...
2013-06-28 Jennifer PringleUpdated Cancelling screenshots
2013-06-28 Jennifer PringleUpdated Invoicing screenshots.
2013-06-28 Jennifer PringleUpdated Receiving and Un-Receiving screenshots.
2013-06-28 Jennifer PringleUpdated Attribute and Barcode screenshots.
2013-06-28 Jennifer PringleUpdated Invoice section.
2013-06-28 Jennifer PringleUpdated Receive chapter.
2013-06-28 Jennifer PringleCancelling and Suspending chapter updated.
2013-06-28 Jennifer PringleCancel Reason Defaults links updated.
2013-06-27 Jennifer PringleUpdated Selection screenshot.
2013-06-27 Jennifer PringleMinor fix to fund titles.
2013-06-27 Jennifer PringleUpdated line item statuses screenshots.