2013-06-23 Jennifer PringleUpdates to Acquisitions Library Settings section.
2013-06-23 Jennifer PringleUpdates to Funds chapter.
2013-06-23 Jennifer PringleUpdates to Funding Sources chapter.
2013-06-22 Jennifer PringleFurther updates to Distribution Formula chapter.
2013-06-22 Jennifer PringleDistribution formula chapter screenshots.
2013-06-22 Jennifer PringleUpdates to Distribution Formula chapters.
2013-06-22 Jennifer PringleLibrary settings added.
2013-06-21 Jennifer PringleMinor xml fix.
2013-06-21 Jennifer PringleMinor xml fix.
2013-06-21 Jennifer PringleAcquisitions Library Settings table added.
2013-06-18 Jennifer PringleMinor revisions to Selection Lists chapter.
2013-06-14 Jennifer PringleMinor updates to the Selection List chapter.
2013-06-14 Jennifer PringleMinor updates to the Acquisitions Search chapter.
2013-06-13 Jennifer PringlePreview Item workflow added.
2013-06-13 Jennifer PringleSection added for new features in invoicing.
2013-06-13 Jennifer PringleNote regarding pilot project removed from introduction.
2013-06-11 Jennifer PringlePlaceholder for Preview Item workflow.
2013-06-10 Jennifer PringleNew Features updated from 2.2 to 2.4.
2013-06-10 Jennifer PringleIntroduction updated to include default acq toolbar...
2013-06-10 Jennifer Pringle2.4 updates to Root
2013-04-24 Jennifer PringleMerge Profile screenshots updated for loading records. sitka_2_3
2013-03-06 Jennifer PringleMerge Profile name updated for loading records.
2012-10-31 Jennifer PringleMinor revisions to Invoicing and Receiving.
2012-10-31 Jennifer PringleSection name updated.
2012-10-31 Jennifer PringleRevisions to instructions for saving invoices.
2012-10-31 Jennifer PringleMinor update to screenshot in Invoicing.
2012-10-31 Jennifer PringleUpdated screenshots for Year End section.
2012-10-31 Jennifer PringleUpdated screenshots for Invoicing section.
2012-10-31 Jennifer PringleFurther revisions to Invoicing section.
2012-10-29 Jennifer PringleLinks for invoicing added to What's New section.
2012-10-29 Jennifer PringleFurther revisions to Invoice Section.
2012-10-27 Jennifer PringleFurther revisions to Invoicing.
2012-10-27 Jennifer PringleRevisions to Invoicing to include new developement.
2012-10-26 Jennifer PringleRevisions to introduction to new features.
2012-10-26 Jennifer PringleFunds section updated with new Rollover information.
2012-10-26 Jennifer PringleRevisions to Fiscal Year Close-out to include informati...
2012-10-24 Jennifer PringleDry Run instructions and screenshots added to fiscal...
2012-10-24 Jennifer PringleNew LSE for fiscal close-out added.
2012-10-23 Jennifer PringleRevisions to Fiscal Year Close-out Operation.
2012-10-23 Jennifer PringleRevisions to Activating Purchase Orders to include...
2012-10-20 Jennifer PringleScreenshots and updates for backported features.
2012-10-19 Jennifer PringleMore Backports information added.
2012-10-17 Jennifer Pringle2.3 Backports section added.
2012-09-26 Jennifer PringleFurther revisions to Loading Bibliographic Records...
2012-09-25 Jennifer PringleRevisions to Loading Bibliographic Records section.
2012-09-25 Jennifer PringleVandelay instructions update to Load MARC Order Records...
2012-09-24 Jennifer PringleAdditional Caution removed from View/Place Orders section.
2012-09-24 Jennifer PringleLast updated date.
2012-09-24 Jennifer PringleCaution removed from View/Place Orders section.
2012-09-24 Jennifer PringleMinor corrections to How to Load Bibliographic Records.
2012-09-24 Jennifer PringleInstructions and screenshot updated in How to Load...
2012-08-14 Jennifer PringleFurther changes to links in Workflow section.
2012-08-14 Jennifer PringleAdditional links added to Workflow section.
2012-08-10 Jennifer PringleAdditional links added to Workflow section.
2012-08-03 Jennifer PringleInternal links added to Workflow section.
2012-08-02 Jennifer PringleWorkflows added to Workflow section.
2012-07-18 Jennifer PringleCaution added to View/Place Orders section regarding...
2012-07-09 Jennifer PringleContent added to Admin Set Up section.
2012-07-07 Jennifer PringleLast updated date.
2012-07-07 Jennifer PringleBroken link fixed in How to Load Bibliographic Records...
2012-07-07 Jennifer PringleNote removed from Merging Records Using the Vandelay...
2012-07-07 Jennifer PringleMinor revision to Loading Order Records section.
2012-07-06 Jennifer PringleScreenshot updated in Temporary Workflow for Loading...
2012-07-02 Jennifer PringleLast updated date updated.
2012-07-02 Jennifer PringlePatron Requests chapter removed pending further testing...
2012-07-02 Jennifer PringleMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh://git@git.sitka.bclibr...
2012-07-02 Jennifer PringleMerge branch 'sitka_2_2'
2012-07-02 Jennifer PringleXML validation problem fix. sitka_2_2
2012-07-01 Robin H. JohnsonMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/sitka_2_2' production-sitka_2_2-20120701
2012-07-01 Jennifer PringleRevisions to introduction chapters.
2012-07-01 Jennifer PringleTemporary Vandelay workaround.
2012-06-30 Jennifer PringleValidation error fix.
2012-06-29 Jennifer PringleIntroduction section rearranged.
2012-06-28 Jennifer PringleScreenshots updated in Load Bibs section.
2012-06-28 Jennifer PringleNew screenshots added to Load Bibs section.
2012-06-27 Jennifer PringleNew screenshots for Vandelay interface section.
2012-06-27 Jennifer PringleRevisions to Load Bibs Section.
2012-06-26 Jennifer PringleLink to main manual added to Load Bib Records section.
2012-06-26 Jennifer PringleMinor revisions to Purchase Orders section.
2012-06-26 Jennifer PringleScreenshots added to Year End section.
2012-06-26 Jennifer PringleProvider filter added to Providers section.
2012-06-26 Jennifer PringleFund filter added to Funds section.
2012-06-26 Jennifer PringleNew screenshots for line item alerts and worksheet.
2012-06-25 Jennifer PringleMinor revisions to Selection Lists chapter.
2012-06-25 Jennifer PringleReplacement screenshots for General Search chapter.
2012-06-25 Jennifer PringleMinor updates to Receiving/Invoicing chapter.
2012-06-25 Jennifer PringleMinor revisions to Add Records section.
2012-06-22 Jennifer PringleNew in 2.2 updated.
2012-06-21 Jennifer PringleLinks added to Receive Line Items From an Invoice section.
2012-06-21 Jennifer PringleTwo new acquisitions library settings added.
2012-06-21 Jennifer PringleLinks added to new features.
2012-06-21 Jennifer PringleNew Feature: Open Holds on Line Item Worksheet
2012-06-21 Jennifer PringleNew Feature: Provider Filter.
2012-06-21 Jennifer PringleNew Feature: Funds Filter
2012-06-21 Jennifer PringleVandaley integration information added.
2012-06-21 Jennifer PringleNew Feature: Vandelay Integration in Acquisitions
2012-06-21 Jennifer PringleNew Feature: Receive Line Items From an Invoice
2012-06-13 Jennifer PringleMinor formatting update to apply funds.
2012-06-13 Jennifer PringleEstimated Prices functionality updated.
2012-06-08 Jennifer PringleAdditional content added to Patron Request chapter.