Modify Outlook export profile for Radium, per RT#74886
[sitka/sitka-tools.git] / marc_export_custom /
2019-07-11 Jeff DavisMerge branch 'master' into eg33
2019-06-03 Jeff Davisuse dedicated partition for MARC exports
2018-11-08 twirlipclean up old MARC exports after a successful run
2017-06-02 Jeff DavisPrevent "cannot move split to a subdirectory of itself...
2017-01-24 Jeff DavisUpdate MARC export process for Outlook, per RT#42708
2016-12-14 Jeff DavisUpdate sender address in MARC export wrapper scripts
2015-07-18 Robin H. JohnsonMissing one dir arg.
2015-07-18 Robin H. JohnsonRefactor export scripts and take my email address off...
2015-06-16 Jeff DavisMerge branch 'master' into eg28
2015-05-01 Robin H. JohnsonUpdate EBSCO export per email from jcarmody@EBSCO.COM...
2014-08-02 Robin H. JohnsonPostfix sendmail binary needs an extra option.
2014-08-02 Robin H. JohnsonFix syntax.
2014-08-02 Robin H. JohnsonMore PerlOPT.
2014-08-02 Robin H. JohnsonDocument scripts better, and squelch output.
2013-09-18 Robin H. JohnsonImprove strings.
2013-09-17 Robin H. JohnsonFinal code for MUCN EBSCO upload.