Modify Outlook export profile for Radium, per RT#74886
[sitka/sitka-tools.git] / marc_export_custom / bc_eln_media.ini
2020-02-04 Jeff DavisExclude BVAUCW from all MARC exports
2020-02-04 Mark Bucholtzadd BVAVCC Outlook settings
2019-07-11 Jeff DavisMerge branch 'master' into eg33
2019-07-10 Jeff DavisMARC export config for BCS (RT 62007) and BVIC (RT... eg317-final
2016-12-13 twirlipExclude non-postsec org units, per RT 42708
2014-07-16 Jeff DavisMerge branch 'eg26'
2014-04-09 Robin H. JohnsonDrop BKCT in config
2013-04-04 Robin H. JohnsonRemoving BGIC, BMIS, BSI from Outlook per BCGov
2013-04-04 Robin H. JohnsonSince MWP was moved to the GOVLIBS orgunit parent,...
2013-02-12 Robin H. JohnsonImplement NVIT export settings.
2012-11-04 Robin H. JohnsonExclude SITKA Springfield.
2012-08-16 Robin H. JohnsonUpdate inclusion rules.
2012-05-04 James FournieMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh://git.sitka.bclibrarie...
2012-04-16 Robin H. JohnsonAdd placeholders for NVIT.
2012-02-23 James FournieMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh://git.sitka.bclibrarie...
2012-02-18 Robin H. JohnsonDisable SPRUCE.
2011-11-14 James FournieMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh://git.sitka.bclibrarie...
2011-10-24 Robin H. JohnsonOnlyIncludeCircMods, not OnlyIncludeCircModifiers.
2011-10-03 James Fourniecommenting out SPRUCE from ini files
2011-09-14 James Fournieadding COTR's config for ELN
2011-09-13 James Fournieremoving COTR temporarily
2011-09-10 James Fournieupdating ELN configs
2011-08-31 James Fournieadding ELN scripts