remove app4 from prod app server list
[sitka/sitka-tools.git] / deployment /
2017-06-03 Jeff Davisremove app4 from prod app server list
2017-05-31 twirlipMerge branch 'eg212'
2017-03-15 twirlipAdd app4 to prod server list for deploying updates
2016-08-31 Jeff do non-verbose output properly
2015-09-25 Jeff be smarter about file ownership etc...
2015-07-15 Jeff Daviscorrect hostname for BibC server
2015-07-13 Liam WhalenModified list of production servers to 2.8 EG version
2015-06-16 Jeff DavisMerge branch 'master' into eg28
2015-04-30 Jeff update Perl version for EG2.8/Ubuntu...
2014-11-05 Jeff update list of prod hosts (add utility0...
2014-08-28 Liam WhalenUpdated produciton servers
2014-01-14 Jeff added sip2 to list of production servers
2013-06-26 Jeff fix bug with -u option
2013-05-28 Jeff add option to auto-detect destination...
2013-03-28 kreedadding new flag for for easy deploy to...
2012-09-25 Jeff Davisadded automated deployment tools