descriptionOverdrive API integration with Evergreen OPAC
ownerSITKA Team <>
last changeThu, 8 Jun 2017 16:28:40 +0000 (09:28 -0700)
2017-06-08 Jeff DavisGive ebook dashboard row a distinct id, and hide it... master
2016-05-11 Jeff DavisFix account summary display in Evergreen 2.9+
2016-05-10 Jeff DavisChange button label from "editHold" to "Edit Hold"
2016-05-10 Jeff DavisAvoid potential runtime error on My Account main page
2015-10-01 Jeff DavisRemove some unused code
2015-09-30 Jeff DavisFlesh out install instructions
2015-08-19 Jeff DavisCheck for session token before accessing Library Accoun...
2015-08-19 Jeff DavisFix insertion of title identifier in availability URL
2015-04-28 Jeff DavisTruncated totals on account summary due to bad regex
2015-03-20 Jeff DavisLP#1434728: make password_required configurable per...
2015-02-25 Jeff Davischeckout formats may be undefined, avoid error in that...
2015-01-07 Jeff DavisUse jQuery.noConflict to avoid conflict with other...
2014-12-12 Jeff DavisRT26522: Don't treat non-available items as a special...
2014-12-04 Jeff DavisRT24863: Suppress OD API on grouped records (metarecord...
2014-11-26 Jeff DavisRT26084: Hide Suspend button on suspended holds
2014-11-26 Jeff Davisremove hard-coded URLs for JS libraries
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