Rewording of direct link to Overdrive in holds/checkouts list
[sitka/overdrive-evergreen-opac.git] / src /
2014-09-05 Steven ChanRewording of direct link to Overdrive in holds/checkout...
2014-09-05 Steven ChanForgot to proxy the URLs in availability actions
2014-09-05 Steven ChanAdd product ID to context of an action object
2014-09-03 Steven ChanImplement a client-side blacklist
2014-09-03 Steven ChanImprove comments for Moment configuration clause in...
2014-09-03 Steven ChanRemove unused item_status() function
2014-09-03 Steven ChanFix error in decoding search parameters in URL
2014-09-03 Steven ChanTreat handle() as a method of routes object
2014-09-02 Steven ChanProxy URLs soon rather than late
2014-08-31 Steven ChanAuto-focus on place hold or checkout action buttons
2014-08-31 Steven ChanReplace progress text with a progress bar
2014-08-31 Steven ChanFix progress message in action dialogues
2014-08-31 Steven ChanFix manual logout of EG when OD token expires
2014-08-31 Steven ChanCorrect an erroneous edit
2014-08-30 Steven ChanAdd direct links to Overdrive in checkout and hold...
2014-08-30 Steven ChanImplement Overdrive data objects using data classes
2014-08-29 Steven ChanFix delete an item in checkouts list; regression error
2014-08-29 Steven ChanUse Session class to implement a session cache
2014-08-27 Steven ChanInitial commit