Change button label from "editHold" to "Edit Hold"
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2016-05-10 Jeff DavisChange button label from "editHold" to "Edit Hold"
2015-01-07 Jeff DavisUse jQuery.noConflict to avoid conflict with other...
2014-11-26 Jeff DavisRT26084: Hide Suspend button on suspended holds
2014-09-15 Steven ChanFix handling of errors for downloading Overdrive Read...
2014-09-14 Steven ChanHandle errors arising from downloading content
2014-09-14 Steven ChanUse action dialogue to guide download link process
2014-09-11 Steven ChanFix indentation
2014-09-10 Steven ChanChange how download button works to allow for right...
2014-09-05 Steven ChanAdd product ID to context of an action object
2014-09-02 Steven ChanProxy URLs soon rather than late
2014-08-31 Steven ChanAuto-focus on place hold or checkout action buttons
2014-08-31 Steven ChanReplace progress text with a progress bar
2014-08-31 Steven ChanFix progress message in action dialogues
2014-08-27 Steven ChanInitial commit