2011-05-09 Mark Bucholtzchanges for James emilycarr_fix
2011-05-06 jeffreduced fine amounts for BPR videos - see RT 10373
2011-03-15 Mark Bucholtzmax circ changes for BBI , rt5929
2011-03-10 Jeremy Buhler1-day-loan for BCREK, 5852
2011-03-05 jeffadded library-equipment circ mod for BLP (RT 5855)
2011-03-04 jefffix for precats: check if item has a circ lib before...
2011-03-03 James Fcorrecting issue affecting foreign patron renewals...
2011-03-01 James Fgo away extranneous config_BLP!
2011-02-28 Jeremy Buhlervideo circ mod update for 5717
2011-02-22 TinaAdd loan duration for ILL for BFSJ RT5762
2011-02-17 Jeremy BuhlerBKCT, block circ for video-games
2011-02-15 jeffadded BSPA circ script
2011-02-11 jefffix for TNRD juvenile patrons, see RT 5695
2011-01-25 Mark Bucholtzrt 5610 add pl extended at 56_0 zero fines
2011-01-21 Mark BucholtzFraser Lake circ rules
2011-01-21 Mark Bucholtzcirc-reserve-2-hour rt5562
2011-01-20 Jeremy Buhlercirc mod update for RT5404
2011-01-20 Jeremy Buhlernew circ mod, RT5585
2011-01-13 Jeremy Buhlernew circ mod for BW, RT5531 (correction)
2011-01-13 Jeremy Buhlernew circ mod for BW, RT5531
2011-01-11 Mark Bucholtzcassettebook set to 21 days rt 5526, precats set to...
2011-01-10 Mark Bucholtzrt 5519 make audio-cds non transit
2011-01-10 Mark Bucholtzadd 7-day-loan as per rt5513
2011-01-07 TinaChange setting for BGI talkingbooks RT5435
2010-12-22 Mark Bucholtzset recuring fines to zero
2010-12-22 Mark Bucholtzset recuring fine to zero
2010-12-20 TinaSet circ rule for BPR pre-cat RT5443
2010-12-20 Jeremy BuhlerBKCT talking-books, RT5439
2010-12-17 Jeremy BuhlerBIN pre-cat renewals, RT5433
2010-12-17 Jeremy BuhlerBR, no pre-cat renewals, RT5430
2010-12-17 Jeremy BuhlerBH pre-cat renewals, 5429
2010-12-02 Jeremy Buhler# of renewals change for RT5335
2010-12-01 Jeremy Buhlerupdated config_BABM.js, RT5292
2010-12-01 Jeremy Buhlerloan limit changes for BABM, RT5292
2010-11-16 Mark BucholtzBGRE rt5217 and rt5222
2010-11-10 Jeremy Buhlerconfig_BS.js BC OneCard update for 5173
2010-11-09 jeffadded circ script for Fort St John
2010-11-06 James Fournieadding new holds limits for Fernie as per RT#5154
2010-11-05 Mark Bucholtzrt5143 changes for config_BSE.js
2010-11-02 Jeremy BuhlerBGF recurring fine change, RT 5130
2010-10-25 Mark Bucholtzfix for circ_duration.js so that Squamish staff get...
2010-10-25 Mark Bucholtzconfig_BSQ.js
2010-10-22 TinaAdded new circ mods for BHH RT4892
2010-10-19 TinaAdded loan duration for BLP PL Extended Loan, RT5064
2010-10-12 James Fourniefixing broken false statement
2010-10-06 Mark Bucholtzconfig_BBI.js
2010-10-04 Mark BucholtzBBI
2010-09-30 TinaAdded new circ mod for BABM RT4928
2010-09-22 Jeremy BuhlerBSP no fines for PL ILL, 4906
2010-09-14 jeffadded BHH circ script
2010-09-09 TinaAdded loan limit for PL Extended Loans and Home Service...
2010-09-08 James FournieRevert "granisle fix"
2010-09-08 Jeremy BuhlerTNRD script changes for PL Custom, RT3189
2010-08-20 Mark Bucholtzconfig_BPOC.js
2010-08-12 Jeremy Buhlercirc policy updates for BSE, 4772
2010-08-11 TinaChanged maxhold for Adult & Junior for BCHE, RT4765
2010-08-06 TinaMerge branch 'master' of git@alfred:oilspolicy
2010-08-06 TinaAdded 1 circ mod and set loan limit for some circ mods...
2010-08-06 Jeremy BuhlerPL ILL fine change for BPR, 4699
2010-08-06 Jeremy BuhlerBS max hold update for staff accounts, 4753
2010-08-04 TinaChanged BPE adult dvd loan limit from 4 to 6. RT4732
2010-07-29 TinaAdded new circ mod for BCHE RT4717
2010-07-22 Jeremy BuhlerBC OneCard loan duration change for BF, 4674
2010-07-20 Jeremy Buhlerconfig_BABM.js edit for ILLs, RT4646
2010-07-16 TinaChanged MaxHold for CRDL staff. RT4661
2010-07-15 TinaChanged MaxHolds for CRDL ILL. RT4652
2010-07-13 TinaChanged BGSI loan rule for video. RT4608
2010-07-02 Mark Bucholtzupdate BCHE record
2010-06-30 Jeremy BuhlerBGSI fine changes, RT4439
2010-06-29 Jeremy Buhlerconfig_BGR edit to allow holds
2010-06-29 Mark Bucholtzset mac holds to zero for BC OneCard and Temporary...
2010-06-29 Mark Bucholtzgranisle fix
2010-06-24 Jeremy BuhlerBSE update for ILLs, 4556
2010-06-23 jeffPL ILL loan and fine policies for Kaslo (RT 4547)
2010-06-23 jeffallow holds in Kaslo
2010-06-23 jeffadded Kaslo circ script
2010-06-22 TinaAdd circ mod 7-day-loan. RT4461
2010-06-21 Jeremy BuhlerBGRE max fines fix, 4522
2010-06-16 Jamescirc modifier changes for BGSI as per rt #4504
2010-06-16 Jamesfixing isAllowedHold() = true
2010-06-16 jeffadded circ script for Greenwood
2010-06-09 TinaAdd CRDL hold limit for PL Home Services RT4465
2010-06-08 Jamesrt #4416 - fixing loan period for smithers
2010-06-04 Mark Bucholtzconfig_BGR.js
2010-06-02 Jamesadjusting rules for BSA RT # 4401
2010-06-02 Jamescleaning up tabs in BS and adjusting committed rule...
2010-06-02 Jeremy BuhlerPL ILL settings for BS, 4416
2010-06-01 jeffBF circ script added
2010-05-27 Brandon W.... BKCT tweak for new BKCT-OUT orgunit (was BKCT-ZRQ)
2010-05-26 Jamesadjustments to ILL profile for BWLCR - rt#4361
2010-05-26 Jeremy Buhlerallow renewals for BGF ILL/Extended Loan, 4310
2010-05-21 Jeremy BuhlerBGF circ script edit, 4310
2010-05-18 Jamescleaning up BWLCR script a bit
2010-05-18 Mark Bucholtzchanged BCOneCard to PL BC OneCard
2010-05-17 Mark Bucholtzadded max holds value = 0 for PL Federation profile
2010-05-17 Mark Bucholtzremove quotes from false
2010-05-17 Mark Bucholtzexclude circ if bcone card and dvd,videos,etc
2010-05-11 Jamesfixing staff fines
2010-05-11 Jamessimplifying group config down to max holds
2010-05-11 Jamesmore cleanup and standardization