2015-06-15 Christine Burnsediting header information
2015-06-11 Christine BurnsMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh://git@git.sitka.bclibr...
2015-06-11 Christine Burnsminor edits to correct spelling
2015-06-03 Jennifer PringleEvergreen 2.8 upgrade notice rewritten in asciidoc...
2015-05-29 Daniel Mezentsevupdated affected services
2015-05-29 Daniel Mezentsevupdated create/start/eta times
2015-05-29 Daniel Mezentsevrouter outage
2015-05-29 Robin H. JohnsonAdd marker file.
2015-05-29 Robin H. JohnsonExplicitly declare the language of the blobs.
2015-05-29 Robin H. JohnsonProvide more examples, in both raw and asciidoc, as...
2015-05-28 Robin H. JohnsonDocument the starts_at, so you can pre-schedule notices.
2015-05-27 Jennifer PringleEvergreen 2.8 Upgrade notice.
2015-05-27 Robin H. JohnsonAdd README.
2015-05-27 Robin H. JohnsonPut notices in new repo.