Expand patron identifier config options
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2014-05-15 Jeff GodinExpand patron identifier config options
2014-05-15 JeffMerge pull request #8 from mark-cooper/load_config_host...
2014-03-12 Mark CooperLoad config automatically based on matching request...
2014-02-06 Jon Scottadded contact info and copyleft
2014-02-06 Jon ScottAdded extra header info to use for processing xml and...
2013-12-03 Hekman Library Tec... Merge pull request #4 from tadl/master
2013-11-21 Jeff GodinAdd copyright statements, acknowledge issa
2013-11-05 Jeff GodinAdd further hold-not-found checks
2013-11-05 Jeff GodinAdd check for hold in AcceptItem
2013-11-05 Jeff GodinMake holds go Available at AcceptItem time
2013-11-05 Jeff GodinMove "find hold on copy" logic into own sub
2013-11-05 Jeff GodinRobustify update_pickup_lib sub
2013-11-05 Jeff GodinMove invalid copy detection up
2013-11-05 Jeff GodinHandle shipped copies that are not found
2013-10-02 Jeff GodinUpdate pickup lib at ItemShipped time
2013-10-02 Jeff GodinRemove commented stat cat code in create_copy
2013-10-02 Jeff GodinAvoid generating invalid ItemRequestedResponse xml
2013-10-02 Jeff GodinMove from CGI::XMLPost to CGI
2013-10-02 Jeff GodinRemove unused XML::XPath dependency
2013-10-02 Jeff GodinAvoid uninit value warning when testing for HTTPS
2013-10-02 Jeff GodinAdd config value for institutional patron
2013-10-02 Jeff GodinAdd option to use patron id instead of barcode
2013-09-24 Jeff GodinRemove unused SIGALRM handler
2013-09-11 Jeff GodinAdd comments about CheckOutItem barcodes
2013-08-22 Jeff GodinRemove unused functions originally from issa.pl
2013-08-22 Jeff GodinFix call to lookup_userpriv to pass map also
2013-08-21 Jeff GodinAdd configurable mapping of patron profile names
2013-08-21 Jeff GodinStop re-declaring $userpriv, remove unused $userou
2013-08-21 Jeff GodinUse profile name for AgencyUserPrivilegeType value
2013-08-14 Jeff GodinAdd option to omit patron email from LookupUser
2013-08-14 Jeff GodinAdd option to skip item agency ItemRequested holds
2013-08-09 Jeff GodinHandle "copy not found" scenario
2013-08-09 Jeff GodinMove more things into config file, add comments
2013-08-09 Jeff GodinFix syntax error
2013-08-08 Jeff GodinWhitespace cleanup.
2013-08-07 Jeff GodinAdd support for source IP auth behind a proxy
2013-07-31 Jeff GodinBegin to break config out into ini file
2013-07-30 Jeff Godinuse strict;
2013-07-30 Jeff GodinFix nonexistent variables in ItemReceivedResponse
2013-07-30 Jeff GodinFix ref. to nonexistent $visid, clarify terms
2013-07-30 Jeff GodinAvoid referencing nonexistent AgencyId vars
2013-07-30 Jeff GodinRemove duplicate request detection
2013-03-25 Hekman Library Tec... Merge pull request #3 from Dyrcona/last_post
2013-03-21 Jason StephensonA little defensive coding around last_post.txt.
2013-03-12 Dan WellsMore customization markers, and general cleanup
2013-03-12 Dan WellsRemove force-to-available code from check_in_item
2013-03-12 Dan WellsClarify item_request(), add missing $U
2013-03-12 Dan WellsUpdate and fix place_simple_hold()
2013-03-12 Dan WellsComment out incomplete, unused subs
2013-03-11 Dan WellsWhitespace revision, take II
2013-03-11 Jon Scottcleaning up service detection block by way of including...
2013-03-11 Jon Scottattempt to clean up whitespace and get standardized...
2013-03-11 Jon Scottadded comments for removing local customizations /...
2012-09-11 Jon Scottlatest version
2012-05-11 Jon Scottwanted the ncip ItemRenewed to be able to override...
2012-05-11 Jon ScottStanding Penalties Added - Want to return blocking...
2012-04-26 Jon ScottUpdate iNCIPit.cgi
2012-04-25 Jon Scottfirst commit