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1 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>\r
2 <chapter xml:id="style-links" xmlns="" version="5.0" xml:lang="EN"\r
3     xmlns:xi="" xmlns:xlink="">\r
4 \r
5     <info>\r
6 \r
7         <title>Creating Links</title>\r
8     </info>\r
9 \r
10 <para>There are many way to link w/ docbook but the options in the table below cover the most common documentation scenarios.</para>\r
11 \r
12 \r
13     <informaltable>\r
14 \r
15         <tgroup cols="4" align="left" colsep="1" rowsep="1">\r
16 \r
17             <thead>\r
18                 <row>\r
19                     <entry>Linking scenario</entry>\r
20                     <entry>Syntax</entry>\r
21                     <entry>Output</entry>\r
22                     <entry>Notes</entry>\r
23 \r
24                 </row>\r
25             </thead>\r
26 \r
27 \r
28 \r
29             <tbody>\r
30                 <row>\r
31                     <entry>Internal link with auto-generated link text</entry>\r
32                     <entry><![CDATA[ <xref linkend="style-glossary"/> ]]></entry>\r
33                     <entry>\r
34                         <xref linkend="style-glossary"/>\r
35                     </entry>\r
36                     <entry>The <emphasis>linkend</emphasis> value (<emphasis>style-glossary</emphasis>) is the xml:id of\r
37                         the target element; link text is auto-generated from the target. The tag is\r
38                         self-closing (no <![CDATA[</xref>]]> closing tag required></entry>\r
39                 </row>\r
40                 <row>\r
41                     <entry>Internal link with custom link text</entry>\r
42                     <entry><![CDATA[ <link linkend="style-glossary">The Sitka glossary page</link> ]]></entry>\r
43                     <entry><link linkend="style-glossary">The Sitka glossary page</link></entry>\r
44                     <entry><emphasis>linkend</emphasis> is the <emphasis>xml:id</emphasis> of the target element; link text is supplied by author</entry>\r
45                 </row>\r
46                 <row>\r
47                     <entry>External link</entry>\r
48                     <entry><![CDATA[ <link xlink:href="" xlink:title="Link hover text goes here"></link> ]]></entry>\r
49                     <entry><link xlink:href="" xlink:title="Link hover text goes here"></link></entry>\r
50                     <entry><emphasis>xlink:href</emphasis> is the target URL. In Sitka docs show full URL so users can see it in PDF or copy and paste from the staff client (to open in a separate browser)</entry>\r
51                 </row>\r
52 <row>\r
53                     <entry>External link open in New Tab</entry>\r
54                     <entry><![CDATA[ <link xlink:show="new" xlink:href=""><emphasis role="bold">Sitka's Evergreen New Features in release 2.10 (5:55)</emphasis> </link> ]]></entry>\r
55                     <entry><link xlink:show="new" xlink:href="" xlink:title="Link hover text goes here"></link></entry>\r
56                     <entry><emphasis>xlink:show="new"</emphasis> opens the target in a New Browser Tab</entry>\r
57                 </row>\r
58 \r
59 \r
60             </tbody>\r
61         </tgroup>\r
62     </informaltable>\r
63     \r
64     <para>For internal links the hover tip text is generated automatically; for external links please include an xlink:title, otherwise the link hover text will be the name of the section or chapter where the link appears.</para>\r
65 \r
66 \r
67 </chapter>\r