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6 <title>BC OneCard Policies &amp; Procedures</title>\r
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10 <para><emphasis role="bold">Approved by the Interim Board of Directors, BC Libraries Cooperative <?linebreak?>September 16, 2009</emphasis></para>\r
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15 <title>Covering Note</title>\r
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17 <para>Covering note for Circulation policy documents approved 16 September, 2009</para>\r
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19 <itemizedlist>\r
20 <listitem><para>Sitka's Evergreen instance is intended to feature a shared patron database. From both a\r
21 database integrity and a service perspective, it is important that each Sitka patron be represented\r
22 in the shared database by only 1 patron record. As the number of Sitka sites grow, the\r
23 occurrences of cross-Sitka site traffic are going up; these occurrences are driving the need for\r
24 consortial policy and workflow to enable high levels of customer service while simultaneously\r
25 ensuring database integrity.</para></listitem>\r
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27 <listitem><para>Specifically, consortial policy and procedures for the handling of non-resident patrons\r
28 complement the existing "opt-in" functionality in Sitka's Evergreen. Since the very first Sitka sites\r
29 went live in late 2007, custom patron "opt-in" programming has been in place on Sitka's\r
30 Evergreen to satisfy the requirements of BC's FOIPPA legislation as it relates to a shared patron\r
31 database. The opt-in code fires the first time a Sitka patron visits any Sitka library other than their\r
32 home library. In doing so, it solicits informed patron consent for staff at the library to retrieve the\r
33 patron's information.</para></listitem>\r
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35 <listitem><para>The Circulation Working Group, with additional input from the North Coast Library Federation,\r
36 worked with the Sitka Team to develop the following interim Sitka BCOneCard policy. Along with\r
37 this interim policy comes the following operational approach: primarily from a service perspective\r
38 - all Sitka-site library staff are able to edit patron records as necessary, assuming that a patron\r
39 has "opted in" for service at their library.</para></listitem>\r
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44 <section><info><title>BC OneCard Policy/Procedure</title></info>\r
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46 <simplesect><title>Definitions</title>\r
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48 <formalpara><title>Sitka library</title><para>See list of Sitka member libraries at \r
49<link xlink:href="" xlink:title="Sitka member libraries"></link></para></formalpara>\r
50 <formalpara><title>Non-Sitka library</title><para>All other BC public libraries</para></formalpara>\r
51 <formalpara><title>Home library</title><para>Library from which the patron is entitled to a card by virtue of:</para>\r
52 </formalpara>\r
53 <itemizedlist><listitem><para>their residency (or)</para></listitem><listitem><para>their payment of a non-resident fee</para></listitem></itemizedlist>\r
54 <formalpara><title>Lending library</title><para>Library from which BC OneCard member obtains service. Can be:</para>\r
55 </formalpara>\r
56 <itemizedlist><listitem><para>a Sitka library</para></listitem><listitem><para>a non-Sitka library</para></listitem></itemizedlist>\r
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60 <simplesect><info><title>Policy</title></info>\r
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62 <para>Sitka’s public libraries support the BCOneCard program. To be eligible to register for borrowing\r
63 privileges at Sitka libraries other than their home library, a borrower must present a valid library card\r
64 issued by their home library.</para>\r
65 <para>The integrity of Sitka’s shared patron database is crucial to service delivery; Sitka libraries will in all\r
66 cases endeavour to maintain a single patron record for each Sitka library member. Only one card\r
67 per patron will be issued.</para>\r
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71 <simplesect><info><title>Loan Limits</title></info>\r
72 <itemizedlist><listitem><para>At a minimum, Sitka libraries will allow BC OneCard customers to borrow five books.\r
73 (‘Books’ also refers to special format audiobooks normally loaned to registered print-disabled\r
74 customers).</para></listitem>\r
75 <listitem><para>Other limits – Determined by lending library/appropriate library federation policy (Many\r
76 libraries/Federations treat BC OneCard patrons as regular patrons, with full borrower\r
77 privileges).</para></listitem>\r
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82 <simplesect><info><title>Fines &amp; Overdues</title></info>\r
83 <itemizedlist><listitem><para>Fine rates are determined by lending library/appropriate library federation policy.</para></listitem>\r
84 <listitem><para>The BC OneCard borrower is responsible for any charges owing to the lending library.</para></listitem>\r
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89 <simplesect><info><title>Procedure</title></info>\r
90 <itemizedlist><listitem><para>Patron presents home library card for scanning.</para></listitem>\r
91 <listitem><para>If the patron is in the Evergreen database, and if the patron agrees to “opt in” at the\r
92 privacy prompt, their account can be accessed by their home library card. Do\r
93 <emphasis role="bold">not </emphasis>issue a BC OneCard. Place a BC\r
94 OneCard sticker on their home library card.</para></listitem>\r
95 <listitem><para>If the patron is in the Evergreen database, and if the patron does not agree to “opt in” at the\r
96 privacy prompt, lending library policy will determine service options while endeavouring to\r
97 maintain a single patron record for each Sitka library member.</para></listitem>\r
98 <listitem><para>If the patron is <emphasis role="bold">not</emphasis> in the Evergreen database, use the\r
99 patron’s home library card as the barcode and complete the patron\r
100 registration form as per your local policy. Do not issue a BC OneCard.\r
101 Ensure the Home Library selected in Evergreen is the patron’s actual\r
102 non-Sitka home library and add a BC OneCard sticker to the patron’s library\r
103 card. From the Check Out screen, scan the patron’s card and opt him/her in.\r
104 Inform the patron of applicable BC OneCard/lending library/library\r
105 federation borrowing limits, fines, and loan policy</para></listitem>\r
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110 <figure>\r
111 <title>Flowchart depicting BC OneCard policy/procedure</title>\r
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120 <info><title>Procedure scenarios - Patron exists in Sitka already</title></info>\r
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122 <itemizedlist><listitem><para>Patron presents a BC library card.</para></listitem>\r
123 <listitem><para>Scan into F1 (Circulation>Check Out Items)</para></listitem>\r
124 <listitem><para>Patron record is found, Sitka opt in screen presented.</para></listitem>\r
125 <listitem><para>Opt in? Yes or no.</para></listitem>\r
126 <listitem><para>If yes, patron can now use your library and your rules according to his existing profile are applied. i.e. if PL-Adult at existing Sitka library, is a PL-Adult at your library with your rules for PL-Adult applied. If you need to apply local BC One card rules to this patron, this must be done manually at point of circulation. </para></listitem>\r
127 <listitem><para>Affix BCOne Card sticker to existing card.</para></listitem>\r
128 <listitem><para>If patron does not agree to opt in, local decision and policy applies to how you will treat this patron</para></listitem>\r
129 </itemizedlist>\r
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133 <simplesect>\r
134 <info> <title> Procedure scenarios -Patron does not exist in Sitka and you make him a BC One card patron</title></info>\r
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137 <itemizedlist><listitem><para> Patron presents a BC library card.</para></listitem>\r
138 <listitem><para> Scan into F1 (Circulation>Check Out Items)</para></listitem>\r
139 <listitem><para> Patron is not found.</para></listitem>\r
140 <listitem><para> Use existing library card barcode to register patron in Sitka and apply patron’s actual home library to Sitka record, and make this patron a BC One Card patron profile. Save new patron record.</para></listitem>\r
141 <listitem><para> Apply a BC One card sticker to existing BC library card.</para></listitem>\r
142 <listitem><para>Scan barcode into F1 (Circulation>Check Out Items) and opt him in.</para></listitem>\r
143 <listitem><para>Patron now has a record in Sitka, has BC OneCard profile at your library, and any other Sitka library that opts him in in future, and record accurately reflects his home library.</para></listitem>\r
144 <listitem><para> At checkout Evergreen will automatically apply locally configured BC One Card circulation rules.</para></listitem>\r
145 </itemizedlist>\r
146 <formalpara><title>Non Sitka library codes</title><para>See list of BC library codes at <link xlink:href="" xlink:title="BC library codes "></link></para></formalpara>\r
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