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5 <info>\r
6 <title>Cataloguing Policy</title>\r
7 </info>\r
9 <para><emphasis role="bold">Approved by the Interim Board of Directors, BC Libraries Cooperative <?linebreak?>July 23, 2009</emphasis></para>\r
10 \r
a27e4ac1 11 <section xml:id="policy-wg-cover">\r
12 <info>\r
13 <title>Cataloguing Working Group Policy Document Cover Letter</title>\r
14 </info>\r
16 <para>July 24, 2009 <?linebreak?>Edel Toner-Rogala, Chair, <?linebreak?>BC Libraries Cooperative Board of Directors</para>\r
18 <para>Hello Edel,</para>\r
19 <para>As Chair of the Sitka Cataloguing Working Group I am pleased to submit our Sitka\r
20 Cataloguing Policy document to you. At our July 23, 2009 meeting the Cataloguing Working\r
21 Group recommended unanimously that this document was ready to be submitted to the\r
22 Board.</para>\r
24 <para>The purpose of this document is to support Sitka consortia libraries in their\r
25 commitment to creating a database of high-quality bibliographic records for collective\r
26 use. These bibliographic records are the shared property of the BC Libraries Cooperative\r
27 regardless of the holdings attached. Maintaining the quality and integrity of each\r
28 bibliographic record is an interest and a responsibility we all share. Our\r
29 recommendation to the Board is that this Sitka Cataloguing Policy document be used by\r
30 Sitka consortia libraries as their working document for cataloguing in the Sitka\r
31 database.</para>\r
33 <para>I also want to bring to your attention that the Cataloguing Working Group is currently\r
34 exploring options for a mentoring program. We would like to include the Board’s input in\r
35 this discussion of a mentoring program for Evergreen cataloguers with a dual nature of\r
36 support needed:</para>\r
38 <itemizedlist>\r
39 <listitem>\r
40 <para>informal access to cataloguing expertise which would be voluntary by consortia\r
41 members;</para>\r
42 </listitem>\r
43 <listitem>\r
44 <para>more formal on-site support for retrospective clean-up of sub-standard records\r
45 (i.e. by secondment and/or travel reimbursement).</para>\r
46 </listitem>\r
47 </itemizedlist>\r
49 <para>Points of discussions include:</para>\r
51 <itemizedlist>\r
52 <listitem>\r
53 <para>It would be helpful to survey existing Sitka libraries to see if there are\r
54 staff willing to fill a mentoring role</para>\r
55 </listitem>\r
56 <listitem>\r
57 <para>the need to cover travel and/or reduction in Evergreen/Sitka recurring annual\r
58 fee.</para>\r
59 </listitem>\r
60 <listitem>\r
61 <para>PLSB consultants may have a role?</para>\r
62 </listitem>\r
63 <listitem>\r
64 <para>Could we include the Federations in this?</para>\r
65 </listitem>\r
66 </itemizedlist>\r
68 <para>I understand that the next meeting of the BC Libraries Cooperative Board is being held\r
69 on Tuesday July 28, 2009. I am available to participate via telephone if needed.</para>\r
71 <para>Sincerely,</para>\r
73 <para>\r
74 <emphasis>Maureen</emphasis>\r
75 </para>\r
78 <para>Maureen Davidson <?linebreak?>Chair, Cataloguing Working Group <?linebreak?>College of the Rockies Library <?linebreak?>Email: <link xlink:href="mailto:davidson@cotr.bc.ca" xlink:title="davidson@cotr.bc.ca">davidson@cotr.bc.ca</link> <?linebreak?>Telephone: 250-489-8288</para>\r
80 <para>Tracey Therrien , Smithers Public Library; Samuel Richmond , Vancouver Public Library;\r
81 Lauren Stara, Whistler Public Library; Kevin Kierans, Thomson Nicola Regional District\r
82 Library; Valerie McKeen , Powell River Public Library; Sharon Herbert, Project Manager\r
83 Sitka</para>\r
88 </section>\r
a27e4ac1 90 <section xml:id="policy-purpose">\r
91 <info>\r
92 <title>Purpose</title>\r
93 </info>\r
95 <para>Sitka consortia libraries are committed to creating a database of high-quality\r
96 bibliographic records for collective use. These bibliographic records are the shared\r
97 property of the British Columbia Libraries Cooperative regardless of the holdings\r
98 attached. It does not matter which library “created” the record, who transferred it into\r
99 the database, or who has edited it since. Maintaining the quality and integrity of each\r
100 bibliographic record is an interest and a responsibility we all share.</para>\r
102 <para>With recommendations from the Sitka Cataloguing Working Group, the BC Libraries\r
103 Cooperative sets standards for these records. This Cataloguing Policy is reflected in\r
104 the training provided by the Sitka Support Team and supplemented by Sitka Evergreen User\r
105 Documentation located at <link\r
106 xlink:href="http://docs.sitka.bclibraries.ca/Sitka/current/html/"\r
107 xlink:title="http://docs.sitka.bclibraries.ca/Sitka/current/html/"\r
108 >http://docs.sitka.bclibraries.ca/Sitka/current/html/</link>.</para>\r
110 <para>Member libraries that repeatedly struggle to comply with established policies and\r
111 procedures may be required to undertake further training and/or a mentoring period.\r
112 Cataloguing privileges may be suspended during this process. If a library continues to\r
113 fail to meet cataloguing standards, cataloguing rights may be revoked.</para>\r
115 </section>\r
a27e4ac1 117 <section xml:id="policy-administration">\r
118 <info>\r
119 <title>Administration</title>\r
120 </info>\r
122 <para>The goal within the Sitka database is to create one master MARC record for each\r
123 discrete bibliographic title to which all member libraries will add their respective\r
124 holdings. In this shared environment, it is essential that library staff or volunteers\r
125 who perform cataloguing work have the skills and training required to ensure adherence\r
126 to cataloguing standards.</para>\r
128 <para>As errors in cataloguing have the potential to affect staff and public access across\r
129 the consortium, four skill levels have been designated so that only staff with\r
130 sufficient skills and training may perform specific tasks. Once a member library has\r
131 received cataloguing training as part of their migration to Evergreen, the Sitka Support\r
132 Team, in consultation with the Chief Librarian at each member library, will identify\r
133 staff members who are authorized to perform tasks at each level.</para>\r
a27e4ac1 135 <simplesect xml:id="policy-who-does-what">\r
136 <title>Who Does What?</title>\r
138 <para>Generally, tasks performed by staff or volunteers designated at the Basic or\r
139 Intermediate levels have fewer implications for errors across the consortium. Tasks\r
140 performed by staff or volunteers at the Advanced and Expert level have more\r
141 significant potential impact for errors and require a more in-depth knowledge of\r
142 cataloguing standards and policies.</para>\r
145 <table xml:id="policy-cat-skill-level">\r
146 <title>Sitka Cataloguing Skill Levels</title>\r
148 <tgroup cols="2" align="left" colsep="1" rowsep="1">\r
149 <colspec colnum="1" colname="skill" colwidth="1*"/>\r
150 <colspec colnum="2" colname="tasks" colwidth="3*"/>\r
151 \r
152 \r
153 <thead>\r
154 \r
155 <row>\r
156 <entry>Skill level</entry>\r
157 <entry>Tasks that may be performed</entry>\r
159 </row>\r
160 </thead>\r
162 <tbody>\r
163 <row>\r
164 <entry>\r
165 <para><emphasis role="bold">Basic</emphasis></para>\r
166 </entry>\r
167 <entry>\r
168 <para>Searching for exact matches and attaching holdings in Sitka\r
169 database and Z39.50</para>\r
170 </entry>\r
171 </row>\r
172 <row>\r
173 <entry>\r
174 <para><emphasis role="bold">Intermediate</emphasis></para>\r
175 </entry>\r
176 <entry>\r
177 <para>All Basic level tasks <emphasis>plus</emphasis>: <itemizedlist>\r
178 <listitem>\r
179 <para>correcting typos (text only)</para>\r
180 </listitem>\r
181 <listitem>\r
182 <para>updating 245b and 245c of a pre-publication\r
183 record</para>\r
184 </listitem>\r
185 <listitem>\r
186 <para>adding 020</para>\r
187 </listitem>\r
188 <listitem>\r
189 <para>adding approved subject headings 65X, adding local\r
190 subject headings 69X</para>\r
191 </listitem>\r
192 <listitem>\r
193 <para>adding series statements in 490</para>\r
194 </listitem>\r
195 <listitem>\r
196 <para>add notes 5XX</para>\r
197 </listitem>\r
198 <listitem>\r
199 <para>basic original cataloguing with template\r
200 only</para>\r
201 </listitem>\r
202 <listitem>\r
203 <para>if desired, only the following tags may be deleted\r
204 from records obtained in Z39.50 searches: 59X, 69X,\r
205 852, 99X</para>\r
206 </listitem>\r
208 </itemizedlist></para>\r
209 </entry>\r
210 </row>\r
212 <row>\r
213 <entry>\r
214 <para><emphasis role="bold">Advanced</emphasis></para>\r
215 </entry>\r
216 <entry>\r
217 <para>All Intermediate level tasks <emphasis>plus</emphasis>: <itemizedlist>\r
218 <listitem>\r
219 <para>any changes to a record within Evergreen beyond\r
220 what is designated intermediate</para>\r
221 </listitem>\r
222 <listitem>\r
223 <para>overlay</para>\r
224 </listitem>\r
225 <listitem>\r
226 <para>merge</para>\r
227 </listitem>\r
228 <listitem>\r
229 <para>delete</para>\r
230 </listitem>\r
231 </itemizedlist></para>\r
232 </entry>\r
233 </row>\r
235 <row>\r
236 <entry>\r
237 <para><emphasis role="bold">Expert</emphasis></para>\r
238 </entry>\r
239 <entry>\r
240 <para>All Advanced level tasks <emphasis>plus</emphasis>: <itemizedlist>\r
241 <listitem>\r
242 <para>authorities</para>\r
243 </listitem>\r
244 <listitem>\r
245 <para>adding 8XX series uniform titles</para>\r
246 </listitem>\r
247 <listitem>\r
248 <para>advanced original cataloguing</para>\r
249 </listitem>\r
250 </itemizedlist></para>\r
251 </entry>\r
252 </row>\r
253 </tbody>\r
255 </tgroup>\r
257 </table>\r
a27e4ac1 259 </simplesect>\r
261 </section>\r
a27e4ac1 263 <section xml:id="policy-cat-procedures">\r
264 <info>\r
265 <title>Cataloguing Procedures</title>\r
266 </info>\r
268<para><link linkend="policy-cat-workflow">Cataloguing Flowchart</link></para>\r
269<para><link linkend="policy-cat-minimum-requirements">Minimum Requirements For a Match in the Sitka Database or Z39.50 Targets</link></para>\r
270<para><link linkend="policy-near-match-sitka">"Near" Match When Searching the Sitka Database</link></para>\r
271<para><link linkend="policy-near-match-z">"Near" Match When Searching Z39.50 Targets</link></para>\r
272<para><link linkend="policy-original-cat">Original Cataloguing</link></para>\r
273<para><link linkend="policy-cat-best">Characteristics of a "Best" MARC Record in the Sitka Database</link></para>\r
274<para><link linkend="policy-on-order">Working with On-order Records</link></para>\r
275<para><link linkend="policy-eg-docs">Evergreen User Documentation</link></para>\r
277 <para>For member libraries, there are many benefits to sharing a database of high-quality\r
278 bibliographic records for collective use. Staff will learn to think consortially, with\r
279 the resources of several libraries at their disposal instead of relying on the local\r
280 technical services staff alone. Cataloguing workflows will change, with Sitka being the\r
281 primary source of copy cataloguing for many libraries.</para>\r
283 <para>Staff should always check the Sitka database first before searching Z39.50 targets for\r
284 bibliographic records.</para>\r
286 <para>In order to ensure the integrity of this shared database, the procedures outlined in\r
287 this section must be followed by all staff and volunteers who perform cataloguing tasks\r
288 in Evergreen. The Chief Librarian at each member library is responsible for ensuring\r
289 that staff and volunteers follow these procedures as they apply to their designated\r
290 Skill Level.</para>\r
292 <note>\r
293 <para>Refer to the <link linkend="policy-cat-glossary">Glossary of Terms</link> for\r
294 definitions</para>\r
295 </note>\r
a27e4ac1 297 <simplesect xml:id="policy-cat-workflow">\r
298 <info>\r
299 <title>Cataloguing Flowchart</title>\r
300 </info>\r
301 <figure>\r
302<title>Cataloguing Flowchart</title>\r
303 <mediaobject>\r
304 <imageobject>\r
305 <imagedata scalefit="0" fileref="media/policy-2.png"/>\r
306 </imageobject>\r
307 </mediaobject>\r
308 </figure>\r
a27e4ac1 309 </simplesect>\r
ae8b9281 310\r
a27e4ac1 311 <simplesect xml:id="policy-cat-minimum-requirements">\r
312 <title>Minimum Requirements For a Match in the Sitka Database or Z39.50 Targets</title>\r
d2d92d31 314 <para>The minimum requirements for determining a match include Title, GMD (or in case of RDA, the 336, 337 and 338 fields), Author,\r
315 Edition, Imprint (Date, Publisher, Physical Description) and Format. Note that the\r
316 minimum criteria for an exact match for DVD and software need to be more detailed,\r
317 e.g. Blu-ray vs. regular DVD, aspect ratio (widescreen vs. full screen), PC versus\r
318 Mac, etc.</para>\r
320 <para>\r
321 <emphasis role="italic">In order to ensure the integrity of this shared database,\r
322 please follow these steps carefully:</emphasis>\r
323 </para>\r
325 <procedure>\r
326 <step>\r
327 <para><emphasis role="underline">Always search the Sitka database\r
328 first</emphasis> to find a match conforming to the minimum\r
329 requirements.</para>\r
330 </step>\r
332 <step>\r
333 <para><emphasis role="underline">If no match is found after searching the Sitka\r
334 database</emphasis>, search the approved Z39.50 targets. These same\r
335 fields also represent the minimum requirement for a match when searching\r
336 Z39.50 targets.</para>\r
337 </step>\r
339 <step>\r
340 <para><emphasis role="underline">If more than one matching record is\r
341 found,</emphasis> follow the instructions in <xref\r
342 linkend="policy-cat-best"/> to choose the best record.</para>\r
343 </step>\r
345 <step>\r
346 <para><emphasis role="underline">If an item has a different binding,</emphasis>\r
347 but is nearly identical in content and pagination, and if copies originate\r
348 from the same publisher, then the record may be considered a match. For each\r
349 new binding, an additional 020 tag must be added consisting of the ISBN and\r
350 an edition statement (e.g. paperback, library binding, etc. if different\r
351 from the bibliographic record’s edition statement).</para>\r
352 </step>\r
353 </procedure>\r
355 <para>For more detailed information on determining a match, we recommend reviewing\r
356 OCLC’s <link\r
357 xlink:href="http://www.oclc.org/ca/fr/bibformats/en/input/default.shtm#CHDJFJHA"\r
358 xlink:title="http://www.oclc.org/ca/fr/bibformats/en/input/default.shtm#CHDJFJHA"\r
359 >Field by Field Guidelines for New Records</link></para>\r
a27e4ac1 361 </simplesect>\r
ae8b9281 362\r
a27e4ac1 363 <simplesect xml:id="policy-near-match-sitka">\r
364 <title>"Near" Match When Searching the Sitka Database</title>\r
365 <para>When searching in Sitka, library staff may find a record that closely matches the\r
366 item in hand, but which may require varying levels of change/correction, addition or\r
367 in some cases merging with another record. The following chart should be used in\r
368 conjunction with the <link linkend="policy-cat-skill-level">Skills Level\r
369 chart</link> to determine what actions may be taken with a “near” match.</para>\r
371 <table xml:id="policy-cat-searching-database">\r
372 <title>Searching the Sitka Database</title>\r
374 <tgroup cols="3" align="left" colsep="1" rowsep="1">\r
375 <colspec colnum="1" colname="issues" colwidth="1*"/>\r
376 <colspec colnum="2" colname="actions" colwidth="1*"/>\r
377 <colspec colnum="3" colname="tasks" colwidth="2*"/>\r
378 \r
379 <thead>\r
380 <row>\r
381 <entry>Issues with Sitka Record</entry>\r
382 <entry>Possible Actions</entry>\r
383 <entry>Task/Action</entry>\r
384 </row>\r
385 </thead>\r
387 <tbody>\r
388 <row>\r
389 <entry>\r
390 <para>Obvious typo - text or coding</para>\r
391 </entry>\r
392 <entry>\r
393 <para>Change</para>\r
394 </entry>\r
395 <entry>\r
396 <para>Should be corrected by cataloguing staff with appropriate\r
397 qualifications</para>\r
398 </entry>\r
399 </row>\r
400 <row>\r
401 <entry>\r
402 <para>Pre-publication record</para>\r
403 </entry>\r
404 <entry>\r
405 <para>Add</para>\r
406 </entry>\r
407 <entry>\r
408 <para>Should be updated by cataloguing staff with appropriate\r
409 qualifications</para>\r
410 </entry>\r
411 </row>\r
412 <row>\r
413 <entry>\r
414 <para>Substandard or brief record</para>\r
415 </entry>\r
416 <entry>\r
417 <para>Change, Add, or Merge</para>\r
418 </entry>\r
419 <entry>\r
420 <para>Should be improved to best record standard by cataloguing\r
421 staff with appropriate qualifications</para>\r
422 </entry>\r
423 </row>\r
424 <row>\r
425 <entry>\r
426 <para>Enhance an "exact" match record by adding 520, 650, 655,\r
427 etc.</para>\r
428 </entry>\r
429 <entry>\r
430 <para>Change, Add, or Overlay</para>\r
431 </entry>\r
432 <entry>\r
433 <para><emphasis>Optional</emphasis> - by cataloguing staff with\r
434 appropriate qualifications</para>\r
435 </entry>\r
436 </row>\r
437 </tbody>\r
438 </tgroup>\r
439 </table>\r
a27e4ac1 441 </simplesect>\r
ae8b9281 442\r
a27e4ac1 443 <simplesect xml:id="policy-near-match-z">\r
444 <title>"Near" Match When Searching Z39.50 Targets</title>\r
445 <para>When searching Z39.50 targets in Sitka, library staff may find a record that\r
446 closely matches the item in hand, but which may require varying levels of\r
447 change/correction or addition. The following chart should be used in conjunction\r
448 with the <link linkend="policy-cat-skill-level">Skills Level chart</link> to\r
449 determine what actions may be taken for a “near” match in the Z39.50 search.</para>\r
451 <table xml:id="policy-cat-searching-39.50">\r
452 <title>Searching Z39.50</title>\r
454 <tgroup cols="3" align="left" colsep="1" rowsep="1">\r
455 <colspec colnum="1" colname="issue" colwidth="1*"/>\r
456 <colspec colnum="2" colname="action" colwidth="1*"/>\r
457 <colspec colnum="3" colname="task" colwidth="2*"/>\r
458 \r
459 <thead>\r
460 <row>\r
461 <entry>Issues with Z39.50 Record</entry>\r
462 <entry>Possible Actions</entry>\r
463 <entry>Task/Action</entry>\r
464 </row>\r
465 </thead>\r
467 <tbody>\r
468 <row>\r
469 <entry>\r
470 <para>Obvious typo - text or coding</para>\r
471 </entry>\r
472 <entry>\r
473 <para>Change</para>\r
474 </entry>\r
475 <entry>\r
476 <para>Should be corrected by cataloguing staff with appropriate\r
477 qualifications</para>\r
478 </entry>\r
479 </row>\r
480 <row>\r
481 <entry>\r
482 <para>Pre-publication</para>\r
483 </entry>\r
484 <entry>\r
485 <para>Add</para>\r
486 </entry>\r
487 <entry>\r
488 <para>Should be updated by cataloguing staff with appropriate\r
489 qualifications</para>\r
490 </entry>\r
491 </row>\r
492 <row>\r
493 <entry>\r
494 <para>Enhance an "exact" match record by adding 520, 650, 655,\r
495 etc.</para>\r
496 </entry>\r
497 <entry>\r
498 <para>Change or Add</para>\r
499 </entry>\r
500 <entry>\r
501 <para><emphasis>Optional</emphasis> - by cataloguing staff with\r
502 appropriate qualifications</para>\r
503 </entry>\r
504 </row>\r
505 <row>\r
506 <entry>\r
507 <para>Different formats, e.g. using a VHS record for a DVD,\r
508 <emphasis role="bold">must</emphasis> be edited to correct\r
509 changes</para>\r
510 </entry>\r
511 <entry>\r
512 <para>Change or Add</para>\r
513 </entry>\r
514 <entry>\r
515 <para>Should be corrected by cataloguing staff with appropriate\r
516 qualifications</para>\r
517 </entry>\r
518 </row>\r
519 </tbody>\r
520 </tgroup>\r
521 </table>\r
a27e4ac1 523 </simplesect>\r
6ffa3115 524 \r
ae8b9281 525\r
a27e4ac1 526 <simplesect xml:id="policy-original-cat">\r
527 <title>Original Cataloguing</title>\r
529 <para>Original cataloguing should constitute a very small percentage of records added to\r
530 the database. The majority of records (>95%) should be found either within the Sitka\r
531 database or approved Z39.50 targets. If a record cannot be found within these\r
532 sources, an original record may be created.</para>\r
534 <para>Sitka cataloguing templates are provided to assist library staff in complying with\r
535 this standard. These templates are based on <xref linkend="policy-cat-best"/></para>\r
537 <para>For instructions on original cataloguing and cataloguing templates, please refer\r
538 to the <link\r
539 xlink:href="http://docs.sitka.bclibraries.ca/Sitka/current/html/new.html"\r
540 xlink:title="http://docs.sitka.bclibraries.ca/Sitka/current/html/new.html"\r
541 >Creating New MARC Records and Understanding Minimum Required MARC Tags</link>.</para>\r
ae8b9281 542\r
a27e4ac1 543 </simplesect>\r
ae8b9281 544\r
a27e4ac1 545 <simplesect xml:id="policy-cat-best">\r
546 <title>Characteristics of a "Best" MARC Record in the Sitka Database</title>\r
548 <table xml:id="policy-cat-best-marc">\r
549 <title>Characteristics of a "Best" MARC Record</title>\r
551 <tgroup cols="3" align="left" colsep="1" rowsep="1">\r
552 <colspec colnum="1" colname="col1" colwidth="1*"/>\r
553 <colspec colnum="2" colname="col1" colwidth="1*"/>\r
554 <colspec colnum="3" colname="col1" colwidth="2*"/>\r
555 \r
556 <thead>\r
557 <row>\r
558 <entry>Fields?</entry>\r
559 <entry>MARC tags/subfields</entry>\r
560 <entry>Instructions to Member Library Cataloguers</entry>\r
561 </row>\r
562 </thead>\r
564 <tbody>\r
565 <row>\r
566 <entry>\r
567 <para>\r
568 <emphasis role="bold">Standard Numbers</emphasis>\r
569 </para>\r
570 </entry>\r
571 <entry>\r
572 <para>\r
573 010 LCCN <?linebreak?>020 ISBN <?linebreak?>022 ISSN <?linebreak?>028 or 037 Publisher control numbers\r
574 </para>\r
575 </entry>\r
576 <entry>\r
577 <para>Include as many relevant standard numbers as possible</para>\r
578 </entry>\r
579 </row>\r
580 <row>\r
581 <entry>\r
582 <para>\r
583 <emphasis role="bold">Classification Numbers</emphasis>\r
584 </para>\r
585 </entry>\r
586 <entry>\r
587 <para>\r
588 05X <?linebreak?>082 <?linebreak?>090 <?linebreak?>092\r
589 </para>\r
590 </entry>\r
591 <entry>\r
592 <para>When choosing between available records, add the record with\r
593 both LC and DDC classifiction numbers</para>\r
594 </entry>\r
595 </row>\r
597 <row>\r
598 <entry>\r
599 <para>\r
600 <emphasis role="bold">Title/Statement of\r
601 responsibility</emphasis>\r
602 </para>\r
603 </entry>\r
604 <entry>\r
605 <para>\r
d2d92d31 606 245 <?linebreak?>$a title <?linebreak?>$c statement of responsibility <?linebreak?>$h GMD (note GMD is not used with RDA records)\r
607 </para>\r
608 </entry>\r
609 <entry>\r
610 <para>When choosing between available records, add the record that\r
611 has added title fields, e.g. 246, 740, etc.</para>\r
612 <para>Use GMD standard List Two from AACR2 Rule 1.1C1. For\r
613 non-standard terms such as DVD, MP3, etc. use 300 Physical\r
d2d92d31 614 Description for more details. Note, for RDA records the GMD is not longer used - use fields 336, 337, 338 instead.</para>\r
615 </entry>\r
616 </row>\r
618 <row>\r
619 <entry>\r
620 <para>\r
621 <emphasis role="bold">Edition Statement/Special\r
622 information</emphasis>\r
623 </para>\r
624 </entry>\r
625 <entry>\r
626 <para>25X</para>\r
627 </entry>\r
628 <entry>\r
629 <para>When choosing between available records, add the record with\r
630 the fullest and most accurate 25X tag(s)</para>\r
631 </entry>\r
632 </row>\r
634 <row>\r
635 <entry>\r
636 <para>\r
637 <emphasis role="bold">Publication information</emphasis>\r
638 </para>\r
639 </entry>\r
640 <entry>\r
641 <para>\r
d2d92d31 642 260 (AACR2) <?linebreak?>$a place of publication <?linebreak?>$b publisher <?linebreak?>$c publication year <?linebreak?>OR <?linebreak?> 264 (2nd indicator 1) (RDA) <?linebreak?>$a place of publication <?linebreak?>$b publisher <?linebreak?>$c publication year\r
643 </para>\r
644 </entry>\r
645 <entry>\r
646 <para>When choosing between available records, add the record with\r
d2d92d31 647 the fullest and most accurate 260 tag. Note that for RDA records the 264 is used.</para>\r
648 <para>$c is not used in records for active serials</para>\r
649 </entry>\r
650 </row>\r
652 <row>\r
653 <entry>\r
654 <para>\r
655 <emphasis role="bold">Physical description of item</emphasis>\r
656 </para>\r
657 </entry>\r
658 <entry>\r
659 <para>\r
660 300 <?linebreak?>$a extent <?linebreak?>$b illustrations <?linebreak?>$c dimensions <?linebreak?>$e accompanying material\r
661 </para>\r
662 </entry>\r
663 <entry>\r
664 <para>When choosing between available records, add the record with\r
665 the fullest and most accurate 300 tag</para>\r
666 <para>$b $c $e to be added where applicable</para>\r
667 </entry>\r
668 </row>\r
04df5af3 670\r
671 <row>\r
672 <entry>\r
673 <para>\r
674 <emphasis role="bold">Content, Media and Carrier type (RDA only) </emphasis>\r
675 </para>\r
676 </entry>\r
677 <entry>\r
678 <para>\r
679 336 <?linebreak?> $a content term <?linebreak?>$2 rdacontent \r
680 </para>\r
682 337 <?linebreak?> $a media term <?linebreak?>$2 rdamedia \r
683 </para>\r
685 338 <?linebreak?> $a carrier term <?linebreak?>$2 rdacarrier \r
686 </para>\r
687 </entry>\r
688 <entry>\r
689 <para>For RDA records only, the fields of content, media and carrier collectively replace the GMD (245$h). <?linebreak?>\r
690For a list of content terms for 336$a,\r
692 xlink:href="http://www.loc.gov/standards/valuelist/rdacontent.html"\r
693 xlink:title="http://www.loc.gov/standards/valuelist/rdacontent.html"\r
694 > Term List for RDA Content Types</link>\r
04df5af3 695<?linebreak?> For a list of media terms for 337$a,\r
04df5af3 698 xlink:href="http://www.loc.gov/standards/valuelist/rdamedia.html"\r
699 xlink:title="http://www.loc.gov/standards/valuelist/rdamedia.html"\r
700 > Term List for RDA Media Types</link>\r
701<?linebreak?> For a list of carrier terms for 338$a,\r
703 xlink:href="http://www.loc.gov/standards/valuelist/rdacarrier.html"\r
704 xlink:title="http://www.loc.gov/standards/valuelist/rdacarrier.html"\r
705 > Term List for RDA Carrier Types</link>\r
707 \r
708 </entry>\r
709 </row>\r
711 <row>\r
712 <entry>\r
713 <para>\r
714 <emphasis role="bold">Series information</emphasis>\r
715 </para>\r
716 </entry>\r
717 <entry>\r
718 <para>\r
719 440 <?linebreak?>490\r
720 </para>\r
721 </entry>\r
722 <entry>\r
723 <para>When choosing between available records, add the record\r
724 containing a 490 series statement with accompanying 800 or 830\r
725 (Current LC standard)</para>\r
726 </entry>\r
727 </row>\r
729 <row>\r
730 <entry>\r
731 <para>\r
732 <emphasis role="bold">Notes area</emphasis>\r
733 </para>\r
734 </entry>\r
735 <entry>\r
736 <para>5XX</para>\r
737 </entry>\r
738 <entry>\r
739 <para>When choosing between available records, add the record with\r
740 the most 5XX tags</para>\r
741 <para>Local notes should be added in the 590 tag and must include\r
742 the Canadian Library Identifier Code in $5</para>\r
743 <para>538 (System Requirements) should be included where relevant\r
744 for nonprint materials</para>\r
745 </entry>\r
746 </row>\r
748 <row>\r
749 <entry>\r
750 <para>\r
751 <emphasis role="bold">Subject headings</emphasis>\r
752 </para>\r
753 </entry>\r
754 <entry>\r
755 <para>6XX</para>\r
756 </entry>\r
757 <entry>\r
758 <para>When choosing between available records, add the record with\r
759 authoritative subject headings</para>\r
760 <para>Local subject headings should be used only to designate\r
761 special collections and should be added in 69X tags</para>\r
762 </entry>\r
763 </row>\r
765 </tbody>\r
767 </tgroup>\r
769 </table>\r
771 </simplesect>\r
772 <simplesect xml:id="policy-on-order">\r
773 <title>Working with On-order Records</title>\r
774 <para>Use of the Acquisitions Module, currently in the pilot stages, has resulted in an increase in the number of brief on-order records appearing\r
775 in the catalogue. The Acquisitions Ad Hoc Committee put forth recommendations on handling these brief on-order records. These recommendations \r
776 were approved by the Business Function Group March 21 2012.</para>\r
778 <orderedlist>\r
779 <listitem>\r
780 <para>Acquisitions Selectors to follow guidelines for minimum cataloguing requirements in creating brief on-order records. <emphasis>Sitka team\r
781 to provide guidelines by format</emphasis>.</para>\r
782 </listitem>\r
783 </orderedlist>\r
784 \r
785 <orderedlist continuation="continues">\r
786 <listitem>\r
787 <para>Cataloguers can use brief on-order records to add holdings, but need to follow existing guidelines in Sitka Cataloguing Policy to ensure there\r
788 isn't a better record first.</para>\r
789 </listitem>\r
c287a687 790 </orderedlist>\r
791 <itemizedlist>\r
792 <listitem>\r
793 <para>Cataloguers should not make any additions or amendments to the on-order record, as none of the changes or additions will be saved once the \r
794 record is mergred or overlaid later in the Acquisitions process.</para>\r
795 </listitem>\r
796 <listitem>\r
797 <para>An Acquisition library will change the on-order record to full bibliographic record in the end, so cataloguers need to make sure they're attaching\r
798 their holdings to the correct bibliographic record.</para>\r
799 </listitem>\r
800 <listitem>\r
801 <para>If the only record for a title in the catalogue is an on-order record cataloguers have the choice to bring in a more complete record via Z39.50\r
802 and attach their holdings to that record. In this situation cataloguers will not overlay or merge the complete record with the on-order record, but\r
803 instead leave the on-order record as is.</para>\r
804 </listitem>\r
805 <listitem>\r
806 <para>Cataloguers can overlay brief on-order records when using the MARC Batch Import/Export function. When importing, cataloguers must always use the\r
807 Sitka overlay profile to ensure data in the 590 and 690 fields of the orginal record is preserved. Cataloguers should ensure that the brief records is \r
808 for the same format as the item they are cataloguing. By default brief on-order records use the Book 008 field regardless of the true format of the \r
809 item.</para>\r
810 </listitem>\r
811 </itemizedlist>\r
c287a687 813 <orderedlist continuation="continues">\r
814 <listitem>\r
815 <para>Merge/Overlay</para>\r
816 </listitem>\r
c287a687 817 </orderedlist>\r
818 <itemizedlist>\r
819 <listitem>\r
820 <para>In the short term, if cataloguers see in Holdings Maintenance that a brief record has a status of "On-order", they must not merge or overlay,\r
821 except in the case of using the batch import profile as described above. If not using the batch import with vendor records, brief on-order records \r
822 should be left to an Acquisitions library to resolve.</para>\r
823 </listitem>\r
824 </itemizedlist>\r
c287a687 825 \r
a27e4ac1 826 </simplesect>\r
6ffa3115 827 \r
ae8b9281 828\r
a27e4ac1 829 <simplesect xml:id="policy-eg-docs">\r
830 <title>Evergreen User Documentation</title>\r
831 <para>Refer to Sitka User Documentation on Cataloguing at <link\r
832 xlink:href="http://docs.sitka.bclibraries.ca/Sitka/current/html/cat.html"\r
833 xlink:title="http://docs.sitka.bclibraries.ca/Sitka/current/html/cat.html"\r
834 >http://docs.sitka.bclibraries.ca/Sitka/current/html/cat.html</link>.</para>\r
a27e4ac1 835 </simplesect>\r
837 </section>\r
a27e4ac1 839 <section xml:id="policy-cat-faqs">\r
840 <title>Frequently Asked Questions</title>\r
841 <qandaset>\r
842 <qandaentry>\r
843 <question>\r
844 <para>What is the correct capitalization and punctuation used when entering\r
845 subject and name authorities?</para>\r
846 </question>\r
847 <answer>\r
848 <para>Enter the authority normally, using both upper and lower case, and no\r
849 period at the end, unless the name authority ends with an initial</para>\r
850 <para>\r
851 <literallayout><emphasis role="bold">Examples:</emphasis>\r
852 $aOlympics $xHistory $y20th Century\r
853 $aAtwood, Margaret, $d1939-\r
854 $aRoberts, Albert R.</literallayout>\r
855 </para>\r
856 </answer>\r
857 </qandaentry>\r
858 <qandaentry>\r
859 <question>\r
860 <para>How will serials/magazines be catalogued?</para>\r
861 </question>\r
862 <answer>\r
863 <para>An Evergreen serials module is currently in development. Until it is\r
864 implemented, each member library will maintain its own bibliographic records\r
865 for serials. The recommended procedure for cataloguing serials is to give\r
866 each magazine issue its own volume and copy record.</para>\r
867 </answer>\r
868 </qandaentry>\r
870 <qandaentry>\r
871 <question>\r
872 <para>How do I request more Z39.50 targets to be added to Evergreen?</para>\r
873 </question>\r
874 <answer>\r
875 <para>In order to ensure that Z39.50 targets meet the standards designated for a\r
876 “best” record, the Cataloguing Working Group will review all requests before\r
877 recommending addition to Sitka. Member libraries should submit their Z39.50\r
878 target requests to Sitka Support, who will forward them to the Cataloguing\r
879 Working Group for review.</para>\r
880 </answer>\r
881 </qandaentry>\r
882 <qandaentry>\r
883 <question>\r
884 <para>What is the preferred method to enter TV Series on DVD?</para>\r
885 </question>\r
886 <answer>\r
887 <para>As the packaging of and library circulation policies for this format both\r
888 vary widely, member libraries may choose to catalogue these either by series\r
889 or by individual title. If the title proper is based on the episode title,\r
890 an 830 added entry should be created for the series name.</para>\r
891 </answer>\r
892 </qandaentry>\r
893 <qandaentry>\r
894 <question>\r
895 <para>What is the best way to enter “on order” records?</para>\r
896 </question>\r
897 <answer>\r
898 <para>The best method is to search the Sitka database for a match first and add\r
899 a dummy barcode in the holdings of the existing record, and set the status\r
900 to “on order”. If there is no match in the Sitka database, search for a\r
901 record within Z39.50 targets, import it into Evergreen and add a dummy\r
902 barcode in the holdings of the record, and set the status to “on\r
903 order”.</para>\r
904 </answer>\r
905 </qandaentry>\r
907 <qandaentry>\r
908 <question>\r
909 <para>Is a record considered a match if only the binding is different from the\r
910 item in hand?</para>\r
911 </question>\r
912 <answer>\r
913 <para>If an item has a different binding, but is nearly identical in content and\r
914 pagination, and if copies originate from the same publisher, then the record\r
915 may be considered a match. The only additional action besides adding ISBN is\r
916 to add an edition statement in parentheses to the 020 -ISBN field, e.g.\r
917 paperback, library binding, etc. if different from the bibliographic\r
918 record’s edition statement.</para>\r
919 </answer>\r
920 </qandaentry>\r
921 <qandaentry>\r
922 <question>\r
923 <para>Will we lose any local data in the bibliographic record when joining\r
924 Sitka?</para>\r
925 </question>\r
926 <answer>\r
927 <para>Where feasible, as a member library’s legacy system bibliographic records\r
928 are added to the Sitka database, the Sitka Support Team may be able to run\r
929 processes at the time of the migration in order to preserve specific local\r
930 data. These processes may include some or all of the following:</para>\r
932 <itemizedlist>\r
d2d92d31 933 <title>General Material Designation (GMD) - the following is for AACR2 records only; does not apply to RDA records</title>\r
934 <listitem>\r
935 <para>Incoming records with customized GMDs: move the 245$h from the\r
936 incoming record and add to 590 $a, adding 590 $5 with Canadian\r
937 Library Identifier Code. Add the appropriate GMD from AACR2 List Two\r
938 in the 245$h where applicable.</para>\r
939 </listitem>\r
940 <listitem>\r
941 <para>Incoming records will be run against AACR2 List Two GMDs. Anything\r
942 that deviates will be moved to 300 tags, normalizing to reduce\r
943 duplication, e.g. uppercase everything, remove leading and trailing\r
944 punctuation. Add a vertical bar between 300 entries to provide a\r
945 separator between repeat 300 tag descriptions displayed in the\r
946 PAC.</para>\r
947 </listitem>\r
948 </itemizedlist>\r
950 <itemizedlist>\r
951 <title>Series Information</title>\r
952 <listitem>\r
953 <para>Nonstandard series information will be preserved in a 590 tag\r
954 accompanied by the Canadian Library Identifier Code in $5.</para>\r
955 </listitem>\r
957 </itemizedlist>\r
958 <itemizedlist>\r
959 <title>Subject Headings</title>\r
960 <listitem>\r
961 <para>Local subject headings in a 690 tag will be appended to the\r
962 existing master record. The Sitka team will strive to move local\r
963 subject headings in other 6XX tags to an appropriate location during\r
964 the migration process.</para>\r
965 </listitem>\r
966 </itemizedlist>\r
967 <itemizedlist>\r
968 <title>Notes</title>\r
969 <listitem>\r
970 <para>Use 590$a for local notes, with Canadian Library Identifier Code\r
971 in 590 $5</para>\r
972 </listitem>\r
973 </itemizedlist>\r
975 </answer>\r
976 </qandaentry>\r
978 <qandaentry>\r
979 <question>\r
980 <para>What does RDA mean for cataloguers in Sitka?</para>\r
981 </question>\r
982 <answer>\r
983 <para>AACR2 records and RDA records can co-exist in Sitka Evergreen. Both type of records can be brought into the system, and for the foreseeable future, Sitka Evergreen will support both.</para>\r
985 <itemizedlist>\r
986 \r
987 <listitem>\r
988 <para>At import, when choosing between 2 MARC records of equal quality, one in RDA and one in AACR2, prefer the RDA record. </para>\r
989 </listitem>\r
990 <listitem>\r
991 <para>Do not modify a RDA record back to AACR2; leave as RDA (eg. leave the 040$c as RDA, keep publication information in the 264 tag, retain the 336, 337 and 338 tags etc.).</para>\r
992 </listitem>\r
993 <listitem>\r
994 <para>Original cataloguing can be done using either RDA or AACR2. Templates are provided for both.</para>\r
995 </listitem>\r
996 <listitem>\r
997 <para>For training information on RDA, please see <link\r
998 xlink:href="http://www.loc.gov/catworkshop/RDA%20training%20materials/LC%20RDA%20Training/LC%20RDA%20course%20table.html"\r
999 xlink:title="http://www.loc.gov/catworkshop/RDA%20training%20materials/LC%20RDA%20Training/LC%20RDA%20course%20table.html"\r
1000 >Library of Congress RDA Training Materials</link> and the <link\r
1001 xlink:href="http://rdaincanada.wikispaces.com/Pan-Canadian+modules"\r
1002 xlink:title="http://rdaincanada.wikispaces.com/Pan-Canadian+modules"\r
1003 >Pan-Canadian Training Program.</link> \r
1005 </listitem>\r
1006 </itemizedlist>\r
1009 </answer>\r
1010 </qandaentry>\r
1012 </qandaset>\r
1014 </section>\r
1016 <glossary xml:id="policy-cat-glossary">\r
1017 <title>Glossary of Terms</title>\r
1018 <glossentry xml:id="gloss-approved-targets">\r
1019 <glossterm>Approved targets</glossterm>\r
1020 <glossdef>\r
1021 <para>These are Z39.50 target databases that have been approved for inclusion in\r
1022 Evergreen by the Cataloguing Working Group on the basis of meeting the “best”\r
1023 record standard.</para>\r
1024 </glossdef>\r
1025 </glossentry>\r
1026 <glossentry xml:id="gloss-identifier-code">\r
1027 <glossterm>Canadian Library Identifier Code</glossterm>\r
1028 <glossdef>\r
1029 <para>The MARC Code List for Organizations contains short alphabetic codes used to\r
1030 represent names of libraries and other kinds of organizations that need to be\r
1031 identified in the bibliographic environment. This code list is an essential\r
1032 reference tool for those dealing with MARC records, for systems reporting\r
1033 library holdings, for many interlibrary loan systems, and for those who may be\r
1034 organizing cooperative projects on a regional, national, or international scale.\r
1035 For further information: <link\r
1036 xlink:href="http://www.collectionscanada.gc.ca/illcandir-bin/illsear/l=0/c=1"\r
1037 xlink:title="http://www.collectionscanada.gc.ca/illcandir-bin/illsear/l=0/c=1"\r
1038 >http://www.collectionscanada.gc.ca/illcandir-bin/illsear/l=0/c=1</link></para>\r
1039 </glossdef>\r
1040 </glossentry>\r
1041 <glossentry xml:id="gloss-merge">\r
1042 <glossterm>Merge</glossterm>\r
1043 <glossdef>\r
1044 <para>The process within Evergreen of transferring the volume and copy records or\r
1045 holds associated with a lesser-quality bibliographic record to a more complete\r
1046 bibliographic record.</para>\r
1047 </glossdef>\r
1048 </glossentry>\r
1049 <glossentry xml:id="gloss-near-match">\r
1050 <glossterm>Near match</glossterm>\r
1051 <glossdef>\r
1052 <para>A record that closely matches the item in hand, but which may require varying\r
1053 levels of change/correction, addition or in some cases merging with another\r
1054 record.</para>\r
1055 </glossdef>\r
1056 </glossentry>\r
1057 <glossentry xml:id="gloss-overlay">\r
1058 <glossterm>Overlay</glossterm>\r
1059 <glossdef>\r
1060 <para>The process of replacing a lesser-quality bibliographic record in Sitka, with\r
1061 a more complete bibliographic record from a Z39.50 target search, while\r
1062 preserving existing volume and copy records or holds associated with the\r
1063 original Sitka bibliographic record.</para>\r
1064 </glossdef>\r
1065 </glossentry>\r
1067 <glossentry xml:id="gloss-rda">\r
1068 <glossterm>RDA</glossterm>\r
1069 <glossdef>\r
1070 <para>RDA stands for Resource Description and Access. It is a standard for cataloguing that provides instructions and guidelines on formulating data for resource description and discovery. It is a replacement set of rules for AACR2 (Anglo American Cataloguing Rules Version 2), the current cataloging standard set for English language libraries. In 2013, the Library of Congress officially adopted RDA as the new standard.</para>\r
1071 </glossdef>\r
1072 </glossentry>\r
1075 </glossary>\r