google search box script update
[sitka/doc/manual.git] / search-box.html
2017-12-13 tjigoogle search box script update
2015-02-02 tjiback to prod search box. remove google auth file
2015-01-28 tjinew search box
2015-01-28 tjitry newly created searchbox
2015-01-28 tjimaster search box
2015-01-19 tjiSigned-off-by: tji <tji@sitka.bclibrariesca>
2015-01-19 tjiMerge branch 'production'
2015-01-19 tjiuse prod searchbox. add Google verification file
2015-01-19 tjiback to master search box
2015-01-19 tjipoint to prod search engine
2015-01-19 tjiNew master searchbox code
2015-01-19 tjitry current V2 searchbox code
2015-01-19 tjiedit prod searchbox style
2015-01-19 tjisearchbox for prod
2015-01-17 Tinasearch box
2015-01-17 Tinamore on search box
2015-01-17 Tinasearch box code
2014-06-27 Robin H. JohnsonMore line endings and whitespace.
2014-06-27 Robin H. JohnsonLine endings again. sitka_2_4
2012-03-21 Robin H. JohnsonFix line endings.
2012-03-19 Robin H. JohnsonInitial import of SITKA training manual repo.