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last changeWed, 28 May 2014 20:12:24 +0000 (16:12 -0400)
2014-05-28 Jeff GodinRevert "LP#1296937: (follow-up) $ids_only is now the... master
2014-05-20 Galen CharltonLP#1296937: (follow-up) $ids_only is now the last param...
2014-05-20 Thomas BerezanskyLP#1296937: Call _items functions with ids_only parameter
2013-05-15 Bill EricksonSet langauge value for patron info response
2012-06-19 Jeff GodinDerefrence fixed fields in handle_fee_paid
2011-11-15 Thomas BerezanskyReturn proper renewal OK field on checkout fail
2011-08-19 Jason StephensonSupport "chargeable loans" via SIP2.
2011-06-30 Dan ScottReplace failing unit tests with 17 valid checkout tests
2011-06-30 Jason StephensonAZ field also needs to be in the output message.
2011-06-23 Dan ScottChecksum calc needs to include the 'AZ' portion
2011-06-21 Dan ScottConvert checksum to hex value inside checksum() function
2011-06-17 Dan ScottRestore Unicode checksum algorithm
2011-06-17 Dan Scottencode to UTF8 consistently
2011-06-15 Dan ScottPrevent corruption of SIP messages in logs
2011-05-21 Thomas BerezanskyItem extra ILS-defined fields
2011-05-21 Thomas BerezanskySupport ILS-defined extension fields
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