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2013-04-29 Gregory KearneyMerge branch 'master' of master
2013-04-29 Gregory KearneyFixed display of table
2013-04-18 Greg Kearneyfixed colours in CSS
2013-04-18 Greg KearneyFixed subject search.
2013-04-17 Gregory KearneySearch update
2013-04-17 Gregory Kearneysearch updates
2013-04-17 Gregory KearneyFixed typo in URL string
2013-04-17 Gregory KearneyMaple leaf ioc file added
2013-04-17 Gregory KearneyChange to all maple leaf artwork.
2013-04-17 Gregory KearneyAdding the gitnore file to stop tracking the database...
2013-04-17 Gregory KearneyTesting the change log update
2013-04-17 Gregory Kearneyupdating the opac CSS
2013-04-17 Gregory KearneyUpdating shelf list to work from CALS
2013-04-17 Gregory KearneyBringing all the work up to date from home.
2013-04-17 Greg KearneyUpdates
2013-04-17 Greg KearneyAdded new translation strings for shelf list and login.
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