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7 <title>LibPress: Events</title>\r
8 </info>\r
ad90abb6 10 <para>The Events Calendar is located under the News and Events tab in the main navigation menu. Patrons have the option of changing the display of their calendar view (Posterboard, Month or Weekly). Patrons can hover over an event to view more details and click through to see the full page listing.</para> \r
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12 <para>As with other content on your website, events can be promoted from the home page by adding a Highlight <link xlink:title="Highlights" href="libpress-homepage-highlights.xml"/>or Slide<link xlink:title="Slides" href="libpress-homepage-slideshow.xml"/>. Inner Page Widgets may also be used to promote a particular event or the calendar itself.</para>\r
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14 <para>LibPress uses the Timely plugin (software) to manage events. As such, information on how to manage events can be found on Timely's website (see\r
0baaee42 15 <link xlink:title="Timely"\r
16 xlink:href=""></link>).</para>\r
20 <section xml:id="libpress-adding-events">\r
21 <info>\r
22 <title>Adding Events</title>\r
23 </info>\r
ad90abb6 25 <para>To add a new event, follow the instructions provided by Timely on their website: <link xlink:title="Adding an Event"\r
26 xlink:href=""></link></para>\r
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30 <section xml:id="libpress-recurring-events">\r
31 <info>\r
32 <title>Recurring Events</title>\r
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ad90abb6 35 <para>For recurring events, follow the instructions provided by Timely on their website: <link xlink:title="Adding an Event"\r
36 xlink:href=""></link></para>\r
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ad90abb6 38 <para>Exluding a date(s) from a recurring events: <link xlink:title="Adding an Event"\r
39 xlink:href=""></link></para>\r
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41 <para>Editing one instance of a recurring event: <link xlink:title="Adding an Event"\r
42 xlink:href=""></link></para>\r
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45 <section xml:id="libpress-deleting-events">\r
46 <info>\r
47 <title>Deleting Events</title>\r
48 </info>\r
ad90abb6 50 <para>To delete an event, navigate to the event within your Dashboard. There are 3 ways to access the Edit Event page on your Dashboard after you've logged in:</para>\r
51 <procedure>\r
52 <step><para>Go to the calendar on your website and hover over the event. Click <guibutton>Edit</guibutton> next to the event title.</para></step>\r
53 <step><para>Go to the calendar on your website and click on the event. Click <guibutton>Edit Event</guibutton> at the top of the website.</para></step>\r
54 <step><para>Go to your Dashboard and click the <guibutton>Events</guibutton> tab on the left side of the page. Scan through the list of events (or search for a particular event) and click on the title of the event you wish to delete.</para></step>\r
55 </procedure>\r
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57 <note><para>If you don't see the Edit options, it's most likely because you're not logged into your website.</para></note>\r
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59 <para>Once you are viewing the event in the Edit screen, click the red <guibutton>Move to Trash</guibutton> link in the Publish box on the right-hand of your screen.</para>\r
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62 <section xml:id="libpress-sync-events-with-social-media">\r
63 <info>\r
64 <title>Synchronizing Events with Social Media (e.g. Facebook, Twitter)</title>\r
65 </info>\r
ad90abb6 67 <para>LibPress will soon allow for synchronization between your LibPress events and your social media accounts (e.g. Facebook and Twitter). Timely includes this functionality and the LibPress team needs to test it within the multisite environment. More information coming soon.</para>\r
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